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An integral and challenging component of any national Cybersecurity strategy is the adoption of regionally and internationally harmonized, appropriate legislations against the misuse of ICTs for criminal or other purposes. Links to some related activities and resources can be found below.

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Current Activities

ITU and the EU launched in December 2008 three projects to, amongst other, develop and promote harmonized policies and guidelines for the ICT sector as well as human and institutional capacity building in the field of ICT through training, education, and knowledge sharing measures. The three projects are the following:

​Memorandum of Understanding ITU/UNODC​

​​​In May 2011, ITU and UNODC signed an MoU​ to collaborate globally on assisting Member States in mitigating the risks posed by cybercrime with the objective of ensuring secure use of information and communication technologies.
This MoU necessitated the expertise and resources for the establishment of legal measures and legislative frameworks at national level, within the principle of international cooperation for the benefit of all countries in the world.