This Recommendation | International Standard describes how the ODP Trading Function can be realised using information entries and support mechanisms of the OSI Directory. This Specification is to be used in conjunction with the ODP Trading Function Standard (see ITU-T Rec. X.950 | ISO/IEC 13235-1). If there are any discrepancies between the prescriptive statements in ITU-T Rec. X.950 and those in this Specification, the prescriptive statements in ITU-T Rec. X.950 take precedence.

The scope of this Specification is:

standardised templates for Trading Function information objects in the DIT;

descriptions of mapping of Trading Function operations to appropriate Directory operations;

description of use of other Directory features to provide the support mechanisms for implementing the ODP Trading Function.

The field of application of this Specification is for the construction of the ODP Trading Function using the OSI Directory, when required.