1     Scope and field of application
 2     Normative References
 3     Notations
 4     Definitions
        4.1     Definitions from ITU-T Rec. X.902 | ISO/IEC 10746-2
        4.2     Definitions from ITU-T X.903 | ISO/IEC 10746-3
 5     Overview of the ODP Trading Function
        5.1     Diversity and scalability
        5.2     Linking traders
        5.3     Policy
 6     Enterprise specification of the Trading Function
        6.1     Communities
        6.2     Roles
        6.3     Activities
        6.4     Policies
        6.5     Structuring rules
 7     Information specification of the Trading Function
        7.1     Overview
        7.2     Basic concepts
        7.3     Invariant schema
        7.4     Static schema
        7.5     Dynamic schemata
 8     Computational specification of the Trading Function
        8.1     Viewpoint correspondences
        8.2     Concepts and data types

        8.3     Exceptions
        8.4     Abstract interfaces
        8.5     Functional interfaces
        8.6     Dynamic Property Evaluation interface
        8.7     Trader object template
 9     Conformance statements and reference points
        9.1     Conformance requirement for trading function interfaces as server
        9.2     Conformance requirements for query trader conformance class
        9.3     Conformance requirements for simple trader conformance class
        9.4     Conformance requirements for stand-alone trader conformance class
        9.5     Conformance requirements for linked trader conformance class
        9.6     Conformance requirements for proxy trader conformance class
        9.7     Conformance requirements for full-service trader conformance class
        9.8     Conformance tests
Annex  A  –  ODP-IDL based specification of the Trading Function
        A.1     Introduction
        A.2     ODP Trading Function module
        A.3     Dynamic Property module
Annex  B  –  ODP Trading Function Constraint Language BNF
        B.1     Introduction
        B.2     Language basics
        B.3     The constraint language BNF
Annex  C  –  ODP Trading Function constraint recipe language
        C.1     Introduction
        C.2     The recipe syntax
        C.3     Example
Annex  D  –  Service type repository
        D.1     Introduction
        D.2     Service type repository