1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Terms defined in other International Standards
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Overview of ODP naming
        5.1     Introduction
        5.2     Structure of naming contexts
        5.3     Processes involving names
 6     Basic Naming Concepts
 7     Name resolution model
        7.1     The name resolution step
        7.2     The complete name resolution process
 8     Name communication
 9     Name comparison
10     Federation
       10.1     Controlling the names exported – export contexts
       10.2     Uniform naming of federation partners – federation contexts
       10.3     Providing a uniform user view of federated naming
       10.4     Joining a federation
       10.5     Evolution and optimization
11     Compliance
       11.1     Basis for compliance
       11.2     Compliance requirements
Annex A – Relationship with Related Naming Services and Frameworks
        A.1     Relationship with OMG Object Naming Service
        A.2     Relationship with X/Open Federated Naming API
        A.3     Relationship with OSI Naming and Addressing
Annex B – Configuring name services
        B.1     Quality of name service concerns
        B.2     Distributing the name service
        B.3     Configuring name servers
Annex C – Application of Naming
Annex D – Bibliography