1     Scope 
 2     Normative references       
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards          
        2.2     Additional references         
 3     Definitions  
        3.1     Imported definitions           
        3.2     Additional definitions          
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Notation    
 6     The processing of ASN.1 SOAP messages          
 7     Mapping components of the Envelope type to information items          
        7.1     General  
        7.2     Mapping of the Header type       
        7.3     Mapping of the Body type
        7.4     Mapping of the Fault type         
        7.5     Mapping of the Content type    
 8     Mapping W3C SOAP message infosets to abstract values of the Envelope type          
        8.1     General  
        8.2     Mapping of a Header EII 
        8.3     Mapping of a Body EII     
        8.4     Mapping of a Fault EII      
        8.5     Mapping of a content EII to a value of the Content type
 9     Extended SOAP processing of embedded ASN.1 encoded values           
        9.1     General  
        9.2     Identifying the ASN.1 type of an embedded ASN.1 encoded value
        9.3     Generating an ASN.1 value from an identified embedded ASN.1 encoded value     
        9.4     Insertion of an ASN.1 value (with an identifier) into a W3C SOAP message           
        9.5     The "ASN.1 type not identifiable" fault       
10     ASN.1 SOAP HTTP Binding     
       10.1     HTTP media type 
       10.2     Behavior of responding SOAP nodes        
11     Fast infoset SOAP messages and the SOAP HTTP Binding        
12     SOAP-oriented service descriptions supporting the ASN.1 SOAP interface binding         
       12.1     General 
       12.2     Schemas
       12.3     Abstract interfaces and abstract operations
       12.4     Interface bindings and operation bindings   
       12.5     RPC schema        
13     Use of SOAP-oriented service descriptions with ASN.1 SOAP interface bindings           
Annex A – ASN.1 module for ASN.1 SOAP    
Annex B – MIME media types for Fast Web Services    
        B.1     The "application/fastsoap" media type   
        B.2     The "application/soap+fastinfoset" media type 
Annex C – Tutorial on Fast Web Services    
        C.1     Advantages of Fast Web Services 
        C.2     Conceptual and optimized processing of ASN.1 SOAP messages  
        C.3     Service descriptions          
Annex D – Common provision of services using Fast Web Services and XML Web services    
        D.1     Optimistic strategy
        D.2     Pessimistic strategy           
Annex E – SOAP-oriented service description in WSDL 1.1    
        E.1     SOAP-oriented service descriptions expressed in WSDL 1.1         
        E.2     Schema  
        E.3     Abstract interface and abstract operations  
        E.4     Interface bindings and operation bindings   
Annex F – Assignment of object identifier values