1     Scope 
 2     References 
        2.1     ITU-T Recommendations  
        2.2     IEEE specifications
        2.3     Informative Reference        
 3     Definitions  
 4     Abbreviations   
        4.1     Abbreviations specified in RPR [9] 
        4.2     Abbreviations specified in ITU-T Rec. I.321          
        4.3     Abbreviations specified in ETSI     
        4.4     Abbreviations specified in this Recommendation     
 5     Network framework of multiple services ring based on RPR         
        5.1     Elements of ring over RPR MAC   
        5.2     Frame types on a ring and multiple services in tributary       
        5.3     Components of a data node in MAC client 
        5.4     Reference point in MAC client of a data node        
        5.5     Transport functional architecture of MSR networks
        5.6     Operation of network management frames in MAC client   
        5.7     Fault management in MAC client    
        5.8     Performance management in MAC client    
 6     The protocol framework  
        6.1     The protocol framework of aggregate pipe 
        6.2     MSR (client) interface to RPR MAC          
        6.3     Tributary adaptation function unit    
 7     Generic frame format       
        7.1     Destination address for use of this Recommendation           
       7.2      Extended Ethertype field    
       7.3      Payload Type (PT) field     
       7.4      Payload FCS Indicator (PFI) field  
       7.5      Reserved field        
        7.6     TT/CS/NM field    
        7.7     Tributary Number (TN) field          
        7.8     Reserved field        
        7.9     Frame Sequence Number (FSN) field        
       7.10     HEC field 
       7.11     Payload of XP      
       7.12     XP payload FCS  
 8     Tributary Loopback (TRL) and Node Reachability Verification (NRV)     
        8.1     Tributary Loopback (TRL)
       8.2      Tributary Loopback (TRL) shortcut           
       8.3      Node Reachability Verification (NRV)       
       8.4      Node Reachability Verification (NRV) shortcut      
 9     TDM Circuit Emulation (TCE) over MSR
        9.1     Introduction           
       9.2      Protocol framework of TDM Circuit Emulation (TCE)        
        9.3     Services provided by MSR Data link         
        9.4     Supported functions of XP for TCE case    
        9.5     XP protocol involved to support TCE        
        9.6     Management function involved to support TCE       
10     Tributary Based Standby (TBS)  
       10.1     Ethernet Tributary Based Standby (ETBS)
       10.2     TCE Tributary Based Standby (TTBS)     
11     Tributary Based Multicast (TBM)           
12     Bandwidth policing, merging, line-speed filtering, stacking and mirroring of tributary          
      12.1      Tributary based policing – Bandwidth limitation with symmetry and asymmetry       
      12.2      Tributary merging with symmetry and asymmetry   
      12.3      Tributary based security – line-speed filtering         
13     Topology application of link-type, broadcast network and pseudo-mesh  
       13.1     Support of a link-type with adding and dropping tributary services 
       13.2     Support of a broadcast connection to DVB application      
       13.3     Support of a pseudo-mesh topology