1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Conformance testing definitions
        3.2     TP Model definitions
        3.3     TP PICS definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conformance
 6     Description of the proforma
        6.1     Identification of the PICS
        6.2     Conformance claim
        6.3     Support of functional units, limits and mechanisms
        6.4     Support of TP APDUs
        6.5     Multi-Layer dependencies
 7     Notations defined for the proforma
        7.1     PICS number column
        7.2     Item column
        7.3     Reference column
        7.4     Status column
        7.5     Support column
        7.6     Cross reference column
        7.7     VALUES column
        7.8     Comment column
        7.9     Column entries
 8     PICS numbers
 9     Completion of the PICS
Annex A – Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) Proforma for OSI Distributed Transaction Processing
        A.1     Identification
        A.2     Claimed conformance to Recommendations | Standards
        A.3     Functional units, limits and protocol mechanisms
        A.4     TP protocol – General
        A.5     TP protocol – Support of the dialogue functional unit
        A.6     TP protocol – Support of the shared control functional unit
        A.7     TP protocol – Support of the polarized control functional unit
        A.8     TP protocol – Support of the handshake functional unit
        A.9     TP protocol – Support of the commit functional unit
       A.10     TP protocol – Support of the recovery functional unit
       A.11     Multi-layer dependencies
Annex B – Implementation capability detail