ITU-T Rec. X.86/Y.1323 "Ethernet over LAPS" is a simple method mapping Ethernet frames into transmission payloads that is specific to Ethernet. Because this Recommendation is specific to Ethernet and not generic, a method of limiting the data transmission rate that is specific to Ethernet can be used. IEEE 802.3x, "Ethernet Flow Control" provides Media Access Control (MAC) control frames that temporarily stop the transmission of Ethernet data frames of the full duplex operating Ethernet ports that receive them. By issuing the proper MAC control frames, an X.86 interface, on a transmission multiplex node, or directly on a data system, can limit the amount of Ethernet frames offered to the interface, thus limiting the Ethernet transmission rate. With the ability to limit the Ethernet transmission rate without loss of any data, this Recommendation can now be used to map Ethernet frames into sub-VC-4 payloads. This is a major contrast to other implementations that "shape" the data transfer rate by dropping the data that exceeds the capacity of the service interface or the service rate over a period of time. Adding Ethernet Flow Control to this Recommendation will provide a level of reliability that is inherent with standard Ethernet.