1     Scope
2     References
        2.1     Normative references
                  2.1.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
                  2.1.2     Other normative references
        2.2     Informative references
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     The protocol framework of IP over SDH using LAPS
 6     Physical layer and its primitives
 7     Service facilities and protocol specifications of data link
        7.1     UITS and its specification
Annex A – The LAPS specification
        A.1     General
        A.2     Frame structure for peer-to-peer communication
                  A.2.1     General
                  A.2.2     Flag sequence
                  A.2.3     Address field
                  A.2.4     Control and SAPI field
                  A.2.5     Information field
                  A.2.6     Transparency
                  A.2.7     Frame Check Sequence (FCS) field
                  A.2.8     Format convention
                  A.2.9     Invalid frames
        A.3     Elements of procedures and formats of fields for data link layer
                  A.3.1     General
                  A.3.2     Address field and data link SAPI
                  A.3.3     Service access point identifier (SAPI)
        A.4     Definition of the peer-to-peer procedures of the data link layer
                  A.4.1     Transmission of unacknowledged information
                  A.4.2     Receipt of unacknowledged information
                  A.4.3     Procedure on the Connection management entity
Annex B – Primitives between Layer 3 or other upper protocols and link layer,  Layer 1 and link layer
        B.1     General
        B.2     Layer 3 or other upper protocol entity – Data link layer primitives
        B.3     Layer 1 – Data link layer primitives
                  B.3.1     PH-DATA
        B.4     The connection management entity – Data link layer primitive
                  B.4.1     MDL-ERROR
        B.5     Parameter definition
        B.6     Primitive relationship description
Annex C – The self-synchronous scrambling/descrambling (x43+ 1) function description
        C.1     The self-synchronous (x43 + 1) scrambler/descrambler
Appendix I – The main differences between LAPS and PPP/HDLC