1     Scope
2     References
Normative references
Informative references
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     The protocol framework of IP over SDH using LAPS
 6     Physical layer and its primitives
 7     Service facilities and protocol specifications of Data link
7.1  UITS and its specification
Annex A   The LAPS specification
        A.1     General
        A.2     Frame structure for peer-to-peer communication
        A.3     Elements of procedures and formats of fields for data link layer
        A.4     Definition of the peer-to-peer procedures of the data link layer
Annex B   Primitives between layer 3 or other upper protocols and data link, layer 1 and data link
        B.1     General
        B.2     Layer 3 - data link layer primitives
        B.3     Layer 1 - data link layer primitives
The connection management entity - Data link layer primitive
        B.5     Parameter definition
        B.6     Primitive relationship description
Annex C 
The self-synchronous scrambling/descrambling (x43 + 1) function description
Appendix I  The main differences  between LAPS and PPP/HDLC