1 Scope
2 Normative references
2.1 Identical Recommendations | International Standards
3 Definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Overview of the protocol
5.1 Service provision
5.2 Use of underlying services
6 Elements of procedure
6.1 APDUs used
6.2 Transfer procedure
6.3 User-initiated abort procedure
6.4 Provider-initiated abort procedure
7 Structure and encoding of SESE APDUs
7.1 Generic APDU specification
7.2 Abstract syntax construction
8 Mapping to underlying services
8.1 General
8.2 Mapping to ACSE services
9 Conformance
9.1 Statement Requirements
9.2 Static Requirements
9.3 Dynamic Requirements
Annex A SEPM state tables
A.1 General
A.2 Conventions
A.3 Tables
Annex B Basic SESE application context definition
B.1 Application Context Name
B.2 Application Service Elements
B.3 SESE APDU Mappings
B.4 PDV concatenation constraints
B.5 PDV embedding constraints
B.6 Procedural constraints
B.7 Presentation context constraints