1 Scope
2 Normative references
2.1 Identical Recommendations | International Standards
2.2 Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
3 Definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 General overview
6 Security exchanges
6.1 Security exchange model
6.2 Notation for specifying security exchanges
7 Security transformations
7.1 Security transformation model
7.2 Notation for specifying security transformations
8 Abstract syntax notation for selective field protection
8.1 Basic notation
8.2 Notation with transformation qualifier
8.3 Mapping protection requirements to security transformations
8.4 Notation for specifying protection mappings
9 Conformance
Annex A ASN.1 definitions
Annex B Registration of security exchanges and security transformations
Annex C Security exchange specifications
Annex D Security transformation specifications
Annex E Protection mapping specifications
Annex F Object identifier usage
Annex G Guidelines for the use of generic upper layers security facilities
Annex H Relationship to other standards
Annex I Examples of use of the generic upper layers security facilities
Annex J Bibliography