1     Scope
        1.1     Functionality
        1.2     Field of application
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional references
 3     Definitions
        3.1     ASN.1 definitions
        3.2     Management framework definitions
        3.3     Conformance testing methodology definitions
        3.4     Systems management overview definitions
        3.5     CMIS definitions
        3.6     Management information model definitions
        3.7     Guidelines for the definition of managed objects definitions
        3.8     Implementation conformance statements definitions
        3.9     Implementation conformance statement proforma definitions
       3.10     Additional definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
        5.1     Use of graphic string syntax
        5.2     Use of list in attribute labels
        5.3     Labelling conditional packages
        5.4     Describing parameters in primitives
 6     Requirements
        6.1     Trouble management report creation
        6.2     Tracking trouble management reports
        6.3     Management of trouble management reports
        6.4     Trouble management report clearing and closure
 7     Model description
        7.1     Introduction
        7.2     Model components generic definitions
 8     Service description
        8.1     Introduction
        8.2     Kernel functional unit
        8.3     Request Trouble Report Format Functional Unit
        8.4     Trouble History Event Notification Functional Unit
        8.5     Review Trouble History Functional Unit
        8.6     Add Trouble Information Functional Unit
        8.7     Trouble Report Status/Commitment Time Update Notification Functional Unit
        8.8     Verify Repair Completion Functional Unit
        8.9     Modify Trouble Administration Information Functional Unit
       8.10     Trouble Administration Configuration Event Notification Functional Unit
       8.11     Trouble Report Progress Notification Functional Unit
       8.12     Cancel Trouble Report Functional Unit
       8.13     Extended Modify Trouble Administration Information Functional Unit
       8.14     Delete Telecommunications Trouble Report functional unit
       8.15     Refer Telecommunications Trouble Report functional unit
       8.16     Transfer Telecommunications Trouble Report functional unit
       8.17     Update State and Status functional unit
       8.18     Repair Activity Object Functional Unit
       8.19     Provider Trouble Report Control Functional Unit
       8.20     Summary of functional units
 9     Service mapping to Protocol
        9.1     Element of procedure
        9.2     List of items having templates in Annex A/X.790 and Recommendation X.721
        9.3     Negotiation of functional units
10     Relationship with other Standards
11     Conformance
       11.1     Static conformance
       11.2     Dynamic conformance
       11.3     Management implementation conformance statement requirements
Annex B MCS proforma
       B0.1     Introduction
       B0.2     Identification of the implementation
       B0.3     Identification of the Recommendations | International Standards in which the management information is defined
       B0.4     Management conformance summary
B1     account
B2     cnmService
B3     contact
B4     providerTroubleReport
B5     repairActivity
B6     service
B7     telecommunicationsTroubleReport
B8     troubleHistoryRecord
B9     troubleReport
B10     troubleReportFormatDefn