This Recommendation defines a set of services required to support service-oriented Web-services based interfaces, and along with ITU-T X.782 composes a framework for Web-services based network management interface. It specifies protocol requirements, how some well-known Web-services should be used in network management interfaces, and defines some network management specific support services. The WSDL interface definitions for the network management specific support services are also provided.

This Recommendation defines a set of guidelines for managed object modelling and management interface for Web-service based network management. It specifies how service-oriented Web service interfaces should be defined. It covers the suitable application scenario of Web-services in network management interfaces, generic accessing methods of XML based managed objects, information modelling in Web-service WSDL and XML Schema. Some WSDL definitions and XML Schema are provided defining some basic data types, generic managed object (MO) and generic MO accessing methods. This Recommendation and ITU-T Recommendation Q.818 together compose a framework for Web-service based network management interfaces with a wide range of applications.