1     Scope
 2     References
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Implementation conformance statements definitions
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms
 5     Basis of conformance test methodology for CORBA‑based management system interface
        5.1     Overview
        5.2     Methodology of conformance test for CORBA‑base interfaces
 6     CORBA-based management interface ICS proforma
        6.1     IDL overview
        6.2     Requirements and guidelines for specification of CIICS proformas
                  6.2.1     General instructions for CIICS proforma specification
                  6.2.2     Interface support proforma
                  6.2.3     Attribute support proforma
                  6.2.4     Operation support proforma
                  6.2.5     Data type support proforma
 7     Instructions for completing the CIICS proforma
        7.1     Definition of supported
        7.2     The Status column
        7.3     The Support column
        7.4     The "Constraints and Values" column
        7.5     The "Additional information" column
        7.6     The "Index" column
        7.7     The "Subindex" column
        7.8     The "Category" column
        7.9     The "Field property" column
       7.10     The "Interface identifier", "Attribute identifier", "Operation identifier" columns
       7.11     The "Derived interface" column
Annex A – Example of CIICS proforma specification
        A.1     CORBA IDL definition
        A.2     CIICS
Annex B – Example showing "Data type support proforma" specification
        B.1     CORBA IDL definition
        B.2     CIICS
Annex C –Example showing "Appendix any type support proforma" specification
        C.1     CORBA IDL definition
        C.2     CIICS
Annex D –Example showing "valuetype support proforma" specification
        D.1     CORBA IDL definition
        D.2     CIICS