1 Scope of the Recommendation
2 References
3 Terms and definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Conventions
6 Reference configurations
6.1 Case where B-ISDN provides PVC
6.2 Case where B-ISDN provides SVC
7 Service parameters and service quality
7.1 Peak cell rate
7.2 Service quality
8 Addressing and routing aspects
9 Physical layer
10 ATM layer
11 ATM adaptation layer
11.1 U-plane
11.2 C-plane
12 LAPB control layer
13 Signalling procedures
13.1 General
13.2 Outgoing X.75 call
13.3 Incoming X.75 call
13.4 ATM switched virtual channel connection clearing
13.5 Restart procedures
13.6 Handling of Error condition
14 ATM-Adaptor functionalities
14.1 General
14.2 Physical interface
14.3 Mapping of signalling information and procedures between the X.75 interface and the SB/TB reference point
14.4 Synchronization
14.5 Maintenance
Annex A X.77 example message flow diagrams
A.1 X.77 call set-up message flow sequences
A.2 X.77 call clearing message flow sequences
A.3 X.77 restart message flow sequences
Annex B The mapping Q.2931 cause information element identifier field to X.75 cause