1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Basic Reference Model definitions
        3.2     Service convention definitions
        3.3     Management framework definitions
        3.4     Systems management overview definitions
        3.5     Common management information service definitions
        3.6     Additional definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Requirements
 7     Model
        7.1     Model description
        7.2     Triggering process and reporting results
        7.3     Management of command sequencer
        7.4     Scheduling of the command sequencer
        7.5     Access control
 8     Generic definitions
        8.1     Managed objects
        8.2     Generic notifications
        8.3     Generic actions
 9     Services
        9.1     Introduction
        9.2     Initiation, Termination, Modification and Retrieval Services
        9.3     Notification services
        9.4     Action services
10     Functional units
11     Protocols and abstract syntax
       11.1     Abstract syntax
       11.2     Attributes
       11.4     Notifications
       11.5     Actions
       11.6     Negotiation of functional units
12     Relationship with other functions
13     Conformance
       13.1     General conformance class requirements
       13.2     Dependent conformance class requirements
       13.3     Conformance to support managed object definitions
Annex A – Definition of Management Information
        A.1     Managed object class definitions
        A.2     Package definitions
        A.3     Behaviour definitions
        A.4     Attribute definitions
        A.5     Notification definitions
        A.6     Action definitions
        A.7     Name binding definitions
        A.8     ASN.1 definitions
Annex B – General Relationship Model
Annex C – Management Information Definitions for Event Discrimination Counting
        C.1     managed object class
        C.2     Package
        C.3     Attribute
Annex D – cmisScript Management Support Object Class
        D.1     Attributes
        D.2     Definitions
        D.3     getCmisScript
        D.4     setCmisScript
        D.5     actionCmisScript
        D.6     createCmisScript
        D.7     deleteCmisScript
        D.8     Services
        D.9     GDMO template
Annex E – CMIP_CS managed object class
        E.1     cmipCS
Annex F – Systems Management Scripting Language (SMSL)
        F.1     Mapping GDMO onto SMSL
        F.2     SMSL Built-in functions
        F.3     Set functions for SMSL lists
        F.4     SMSL mathematical functions
        F.5     SMSL process synchronization
        F.6     SMSL shared global channels
        F.7     SMSL data types and objects
        F.8     SMSL variables
        F.9     SMSL predefined constants
       F.10     SMSL string literals
       F.11     SMSL lists
       F.12     SMSL simple statements
       F.13     SMSL operators
       F.14     The SMSL core scripting language
Annex G – SMSL support functions
Annex H – MOCS  proforma
        H.1     Statement of conformance to the basicSpawnerClass object class
        H.2     Statement of conformance to the commandSequencer object class
        H.3     Statement of conformance to the generalStringScript object class
        H.4     Statement of conformance to the launchPad object class
        H.5     Statement of conformance to the asynchronousLaunchPad object class
        H.6     Statement of conformance to the synchronousLaunchPad object class
        H.7     Statement of conformance to the launchScript object class
        H.8     Statement of conformance to the scriptReferencer object class
        H.9     Statement of conformance to the thread object class
       H.10     Statement of conformance to the suspendableThread object class
       H.11     Statement of conformance to the eventDiscriminationCounter object class
       H.12     Statement of conformance to the cmipCS object class
       H.13     Statement of conformance to the cmisScript object class
       H.14     Statement of conformance to the getCmisScript object class
       H.15     Statement of conformance to the setCmisScript object class
       H.16     Statement of conformance to the actionCmisScript object class
       H.17     Statement of conformance to the createCmisScript object class
       H.18     Statement of conformance to the deleteCmisScript object class