1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Basic reference model definitions
        3.2     Management framework definitions
        3.3     Systems management overview definitions
        3.4     CMIS definitions
        3.5     OSI conformance testing definitions
        3.6     Implementation conformance statement proforma definitions
        3.7     Additional definitions
 4     Symbols and abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Requirements
 7     Model
        7.1     Domain
        7.2     Policy
        7.3     Jurisdiction
        7.4     Administrative aspects
        7.5     Procedural aspects of the model
 8     Generic definitions
        8.1     Relationships
        8.2     Managed objects
        8.3     Notifications
        8.4     Actions
        8.5     Attributes
        8.6     Parameters
        8.7     Name bindings
 9     Service definition
        9.1     Direct membership listing service
        9.2     Membership listing service
        9.3     Membership status verification service
        9.4     Operation application service
        9.5     Policy violation notification service
        9.6     Violation status determination service
10     Systems management functional units
       10.1     Membership query functional unit
       10.2     Policy violation functional unit
       10.3     Operation functional unit
11     Protocol
       11.1     Elements of procedure
       11.2     Abstract syntax
       11.3     Negotiation of functional units
12     Relationships with other functions
13     Conformance
       13.1     Static conformance
       13.2     Dynamic conformance
       13.3     Management implementation conformance statement requirements
Annex  A  –  Definition of management information
        A.1     Allocation of object identifiers
        A.2     Definition of relationship classes
        A.3     Definition of managed object classes
        A.4     Definition of relationship mappings
        A.5     Definition of attributes
        A.6     Definition of notifications
        A.7     Definition of actions
        A.8     Definition of Name Bindings
        A.9     Definition of parameters
       A.10     ASN.1
Annex  B  –  MCS proforma
        B.1     Introduction
        B.2     Identification of the implementation
        B.3     Identification of the Recommendations | International Standards in which the management information is defined
        B.4     Management conformance summary
Annex  C  –  MICS proforma
        C.1     Introduction
        C.2     Instructions for completing the MICS proforma to produce an MICS
        C.3     Statement of conformance to the management information
Annex  D – MOCS proforma
        D.1     Introduction
        D.2     Instructions for completing the MOCS proforma to produce a MOCS
        D.3     policy "ITU-T Rec. X.749 (1997) | ISO/IEC 10164-19:1997"
        D.4     scheduledPolicy "ITU-T Rec. X.749 (1997) | ISO/IEC 10164-19:1997" (partial)
        D.5     jurisdiction "ITU-T Rec. X.749 (1997) | ISO/IEC 10164-19:1997"
        D.6     enhancedJurisdiction "ITU-T Rec. X.749 (1997) | ISO/IEC 10164-19:1997" (partial)
        D.7     domain "ITU-T Rec. X.749 (1997) | ISO/IEC 10164-19:1997"
        D.8     administrativeAspect "ITU-T Rec. X.749 (1997) | ISO/IEC 10164-19:1997"
        D.9     policyViolationLogRecord "ITU-T Rec. X.749 (1997) | ISO/IEC 10164-19:1997"
       D.10     valueAssertionPolicy "ITU-T Rec. X.749 (1997) | ISO/IEC 10164-19:1997"
Annex  E – MRCS proforma
        E.1     Introduction
        E.2     Instructions for completing the MRCS proforma for name binding to produce an MRCS
        E.3     Statement of conformance to the name binding