1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional references
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Basic reference model definitions
        3.2     Abstract syntax notation one definitions
        3.3     Management framework definitions
        3.4     Common management information service definitions
        3.5     Systems management overview definitions
        3.6     Management information model definitions
        3.7     Additional definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Requirements
 7     Model
        7.1     Internal scheduling mechanism
        7.2     External scheduling mechanism
        7.3     Types of scheduling
        7.4     Relationships between SOs and SMOs
 8     Generic definitions
        8.1     Management information required for internal scheduling
        8.2     Managed objects
        8.3     Packages
        8.4     Properties of SMOs
        8.5     Compliance
        8.6     Generic definitions from the object management function
        8.7     Generic definitions from the state management function
        8.8     Generic definitions from the event report management function
        8.9     Generic definitions from the test management function
       8.10     Generic definitions from the summarization function
 9     Service definition
10     Functional units
11     Protocol and abstract syntax
       11.1     Managed objects
       11.2     Management attributes
       11.3     Management actions
       11.4     Management notifications
12     Relationships with other functions
13     Conformance
       13.1     Static conformance
       13.2     Dynamic conformance
       13.3     Management implementation conformance statement requirements
Annex A – Definition of management information
        A.1     Object class definitions
                  A.1.1     Scheduler object definition
                  A.1.2     Daily scheduler object definition
                  A.1.3     Weekly scheduler object definition
                  A.1.4     Monthly scheduler object definition
                  A.1.5     Periodic scheduler object definition
                  A.1.6     Daily operation scheduler object definition
                  A.1.7     Weekly operation scheduler object definition
                  A.1.8     Monthly operation scheduler object definition
                  A.1.9     Periodic operation scheduler object definition
                 A.1.10     Operation result record object definition
                 A.1.11     multischeduler object definition
                 A.1.12     typeOfDayController
        A.2     Name bindings
                  A.2.1     Scheduler name binding
                  A.2.2     type of day controller name-binding
        A.3     Packages
                  A.3.1     Multiple daily scheduling package
                  A.3.2     Multiple monthly scheduling package
                  A.3.3     Multiple weekly scheduling package
                  A.3.4     Periodic scheduling package
                  A.3.5     Resynchronize mode package
                  A.3.6     Scheduled managed objects package
                  A.3.7     Scheduler object package
                  A.3.8     Operations scheduling package
                  A.3.9     Operation notification package
        A.4     Attributes
                  A.4.1     External scheduler name attribute
                  A.4.2     On duty attribute
                  A.4.3     Resynchronize mode attribute
                  A.4.4     Scheduled managed objects attribute
                  A.4.5     Scheduler ID attribute
                 A.4.6      scheduling data attribute
                  A.4.7     Sequence of days attribute
                  A.4.8     Sequence of months attribute
                  A.4.9     Sequence of weeks attribute
                 A.4.10     Time period attribute
                 A.4.11     Operation specifications attribute
                 A.4.12     Operation result attribute
                 A.4.13     type of day controller instance attribute
                 A.4.14     type of day controller id attribute
                 A.4.15     week day translation list attribute
                 A.4.16     Behaviour for current TypeOfDay initial value
        A.5     Notifications
                  A.5.1     Operation result notification
        A.6     ASN.1 definitions
Annex B – Exemple of scheduling Data values
        B.1     Example 1: Shows several index values use
                  B.1.1     Interval solution
                  B.1.2     Trigger solution
        B.2     Example 2: Shows typeOfDay use
                  B.2.1     Interval solution
                  B.2.2     Trigger solution
        B.3     Example 3: Shows overlapping intervals, implicit repetition (months periodicity) and mixed scheduler types
Annex C – MCS proforma
Annex D – PICS proforma
Annex E – MOCS proforma
Annex F – MIDS proforma
Annex G – MRCS proforma