This Recommedation is part of a series of Recommendations that specify the CORBA interface requirements for communication between an Operations System (OS) and a Network Element (NE), between an OS and a Mediation Device (MD), between an OS and a Q Adapter (QA), and between OSs in a Telecommunication Management Network (TMN). This Recommendation proposes a CORBA-based Software Management implementation based on ITU-T Rec. X.744. The intent of this Recommendation is to define a CORBA/IDL model similar to that defined in ITU-T Rec. X.744 using CMISE. In this Recommendation, both fine-grained and coarse-grained (i.e., facade) interfaces are defined for the software management functions. This Recommendation is compliant with CORBA modelling standards from ITU-T Recs X.780, X.780.1, Q.816, Q.816.1 and M.3120.