1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional references
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Management framework definitions
        3.2     Systems management overview definitions
        3.3     CMIS definitions
        3.4     Management information model definitions
        3.5     Guidelines for the definition of managed objects definitions
        3.6     Implementation conformance statement proforma definitions
        3.7     Additional definitions
 4     Symbols and abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Requirements for software management
 7     Model for Software Management Function
        7.1     Software management functions
                  7.1.1     Create
                  7.1.2     Delete
                  7.1.3     Deliver
                  7.1.4     Execute program
                  7.1.5     Get
                  7.1.6     Install
                  7.1.7     Revert
                  7.1.8     Set administrative state
                  7.1.9     Terminate Validation
                 7.1.10     Validation
                 7.1.11     Notifications
        7.2     Other functions
                  7.2.1     Backup
                  7.2.2     Restore
        7.3     Software Unit Managed Object
                  7.3.1     Lifecycle
                  7.3.2     States of the Software Unit Managed Object
                  7.3.3     Operations on the Software Unit Managed Object
        7.4     Executable Software managed object
                  7.4.1     Additional states for the Executable Software Managed Object
                  7.4.2     Additional operations for the Executable Software Managed Object
        7.5     Software Distributor Managed Object
                  7.5.1     Operations on the Software Distributor Managed Object
                  7.5.2     States of the Software Distributor Managed Object
        7.6     Relationships
 8     Generic definitions
        8.1     Managed objects
                  8.1.1     Software
                  8.1.2     Software Unit
                  8.1.3     Executable Software
                  8.1.4     Software Distributor
        8.2     Attributes
                  8.2.1     appliedPatches
                  8.2.2     checkSum
                  8.2.3     dateDelivered
                  8.2.4     dateInstalled
                  8.2.5     dateOfCreation
                  8.2.6     dateOfLastModification
                  8.2.7     fileLocation
                  8.2.8     fileSize
                  8.2.9     fileType
                 8.2.10     futureAutoBackupDestination
                 8.2.11     futureAutoBackupTriggerThreshold
                 8.2.12     futureAutoRestoreAllowed
                 8.2.13     futureAutoRestoreSource
                 8.2.14     identityOfCreator
                 8.2.15     identityOfLastModifier
                 8.2.16     lastBackupDestination
                 8.2.17     lastBackupTime
                 8.2.18     lastRestoreSource
                 8.2.19     lastRestoreTime
                 8.2.20     noteField
                 8.2.21     softwareDistributorId
        8.3     Actions
                  8.3.1     backup
                  8.3.2     deliver
                  8.3.3     execute program
                  8.3.4     install
                  8.3.5     restore
                  8.3.6     revert
                  8.3.7     terminateValidation
                  8.3.8     validate
        8.4     Notifications
                  8.4.1     autoBackupReport
                  8.4.2     autoRestoreReport
                  8.4.3     deliverResultNotification
        8.5     Parameters
                  8.5.1     alarmEffectOnServiceParameter
                  8.5.2     softwareProcessingFailureParameter
        8.6     Name bindings
                  8.6.1     Software distributor – Subsystem
                  8.6.2     Software distributor – System
                  8.6.3     Software unit – Subsystem
                  8.6.4     Software unit – System
 9     Service definitions
        9.1     Introduction
        9.2     Backup service
        9.3     Deliver service
        9.4     Execute program service
        9.5     Install service
        9.6     Restore service
        9.7     Revert service
        9.8     Terminate validation service
        9.9     Validate service
       9.10     Auto backup report service
       9.11     Auto restore report service
       9.12     Deliver result notification service
10     Functional units
11     Protocol
       11.1     Elements of procedure
                 11.1.1     Backup procedure
                 11.1.2     Deliver procedure
                 11.1.3     Execute program procedure
                 11.1.4     Install procedure
                 11.1.5     Restore procedure
                 11.1.6     Revert procedure
                 11.1.7     Terminate validation procedure
                 11.1.8     Validate procedure
                 11.1.9     Auto backup report procedures
                11.1.10     Auto restore report procedures
                11.1.11     Deliver result notification procedures
       11.2     Abstract syntax
                 11.2.1     Objects
                 11.2.2     Packages
                 11.2.3     Attributes
                 11.2.4     Notifications
                 11.2.5     Actions
                 11.2.6     Name bindings
       11.3     Negotiation of functional units
12     Relationship with other functions
13     Conformance
       13.1     Static conformance
       13.2     Dynamic conformance
       13.3     Management implementation conformance statement requirements
Annex  A  –  Definition of management information
        A.1     Managed Object Classes
                  A.1.1     Software
                  A.1.2     softwareUnit
                  A.1.3     executableSoftware
                  A.1.4     softwareDistributor
        A.2     Packages
                  A.2.1     appliedPatchPackage
                  A.2.2     checkSumPackage
                  A.2.3     executeProgramPackage
                  A.2.4     fileInformationPackage
                  A.2.5     filePackage
                  A.2.6     informationAutoBackupPackage
                  A.2.7     informationAutoRestorePackage
                  A.2.8     informationBackupPackage
                  A.2.9     informationRestorePackage
                 A.2.10     installPackage
                 A.2.11     noteFieldPackage
                 A.2.12     processingErrorAlarmOnServicePackage
                 A.2.13     revertPackage
                 A.2.14     terminateValidationPackage
                 A.2.15     usageStatePackage
                 A.2.16     validationPackage
        A.3     Attributes
                  A.3.1     appliedPatches
                  A.3.2     checkSum
                  A.3.3     dateDelivered
                  A.3.4     dateInstalled
                  A.3.5     dateOfCreation
                  A.3.6     dateOfLastModification
                  A.3.7     fileLocation
                  A.3.8     fileSize
                  A.3.9     fileType
                 A.3.10     futureAutoBackupDestination
                 A.3.11     futureAutoBackupTriggerThreshold
                 A.3.12     futureAutoRestoreAllowed
                 A.3.13     futureAutoRestoreSource
                 A.3.14     identityOfCreator
                 A.3.15     identityOfLastModifier
                 A.3.16     lastBackupDestination
                 A.3.17     lastBackupTime
                 A.3.18     lastRestoreSource
                 A.3.19     lastRestoreTime
                 A.3.20     noteField
                 A.3.21     softwareDistributorId
        A.4     Name Bindings
                  A.4.1     softwareDistributor-subsystem
                  A.4.2     softwareDistributor-system
                  A.4.3     softwareUnit-subsystem
                  A.4.4     softwareUnit-system
        A.5     Actions
                  A.5.1     deliver
                  A.5.2     executeProgram
                  A.5.3     install
                  A.5.4     revert
                  A.5.5     terminateValidation
                  A.5.6     validate
        A.6     Notifications
                  A.6.1     autoBackupReport
                  A.6.2     autoRestoreReport
                  A.6.3     deliverResultNotification
        A.7     Parameters
                  A.7.1     alarmEffectOnServiceParameter
                  A.7.2     softwareProcessingFailureParameter
        A.8     Supporting Productions
        A.9     Backup and Restore Actions
                  A.9.1     backup
                  A.9.2     restore
                  A.9.3     Backup Restore Supporting Productions
Annex  B  –  MCS proforma
        B.1     Introduction
                  B.1.1     Purpose and structure
                  B.1.2     Instructions for completing the MCS proforma to produce an MCS
                  B.1.3     Symbols, abbreviations and terms
                  B.1.4     Table format
        B.2     Identification of the implementation
                  B.2.1     Date of statement
                  B.2.2     Identification of the implementation
                  B.2.3     Contact
        B.3     Identification of the Recommendations | International Standards in which the management information is defined
                  B.3.1     Technical corrigenda implemented
                  B.3.2     Amendments implemented
        B.4     Management conformance summary
Annex  C  –  MICS proforma
        C.1     Introduction
        C.2     Instructions for completing the MICS proforma to produce an MICS
        C.3     Symbols, abbreviations and terms
        C.4     Statement of conformance to the management information
                  C.4.1     Attributes
                  C.4.2     Actions
                  C.4.3     Notifications
                  C.4.4     Create and delete management operations
Annex  D  –  MOCS proforma
        D.1     Introduction
        D.2     Instructions for completing the MOCS proforma to produce an MOCS
        D.3     Symbols, abbreviations and terms
        D.4     Software unit managed object class
                  D.4.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  D.4.2     Packages
                  D.4.3     Attributes
                  D.4.4     Attribute groups
                  D.4.5     Actions
                  D.4.6     Notifications
                  D.4.7     Parameters
        D.5     Executable software managed object class
                  D.5.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  D.5.2     Packages
                  D.5.3     Attributes
                  D.5.4     Attribute groups
                  D.5.5     Actions
                  D.5.6     Notifications
                  D.5.7     Parameters
        D.6     Software distributor managed object class
                  D.6.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  D.6.2     Packages
                  D.6.3     Attributes
                  D.6.4     Attribute groups
                  D.6.5     Actions
                  D.6.6     Notifications
                  D.6.7     Parameters
Annex  E  –   MRCS proforma for name binding
        E.1     Introduction
        E.2     Instructions for completing the MRCS proforma for name binding to produce an MRCS
        E.3     Symbols, abbreviations and terms
        E.4     Statement of conformance to the name binding
Annex  F  –   MIDS proforma
        F.1     Actions
Annex  G  –   Recommendation M.3100 Software Object Class
        G.1     Software Object Class
        G.2     Packages
                  G.2.1     Administrative Operational States Package
                  G.2.2     Affected Object List Package
                  G.2.3     Attribute Value Change Notification Package
                  G.2.4     Create Delete Notifications Package
                  G.2.5     Current Problem List Package
                  G.2.6     Software Processing Error Alarm Package
                  G.2.7     State Change Notification Package
                  G.2.8     User Label Package
                  G.2.9     Vendor Name Package
                 G.2.10     Version Package
        G.3     Attributes
                  G.3.1     Affected Object List
                  G.3.2     Alarm Status
                  G.3.3     Current Problem List
                  G.3.4     Software Id
                  G.3.5     User Label
                  G.3.6     Vendor Name
                  G.3.7     Version
Annex  H  –   POSIX and Software Management Model Mapping