Current X.700-Series Recommendations | International Standards mandate the use of CMIP and thus preclude the possibility of using other communications protocols for the transfer of systems management messages between Operations Systems (OS). This constraints industry from adoption of other applicable communications solutions whilst still remaining compliant to OSI Systems Management Functions. This Technical corrigendum makes provision for other communications protocols to be used although it does not specify what these are. It further removes an ambiguity in messages received by an OS thus ensuring the OS, or other system (e.g. a network element) knows explicitly what will be received when a conformance statement uses the term mandatory for a part of the message received.

This Technical corrigendum involves changes on this Recommendation | International Standard and other Recom­men­dations | International Standards as follows: CCITT Rec. X.701 | ISO/IEC 10040, CCITT Rec. X.730 | ISO/IEC 10164-1 to CCITT Rec. X.736 | ISO/IEC 10164-7, CCITT Rec. X.740 | ISO/IEC 10164-8 and ITU-T Rec. X.741 | ISO/IEC 10164-9.

A further Technical corrigendum removes an error in ASN.1, which can prevent software systems being built for network applications involving the security audit trail function.