1 Scope
2 References
2.1 Identical Recommendations | International Standards
2.2 Additional references
3 Definitions
3.1 ODP-RM Definitions
3.2 OSI Management definitions
3.3 Additional definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Requirements
6 General framework
6.1 Foundations
6.2 Architecture
6.3 Reuse of ODMA specifications
7 OSI management support for ODMA
7.1 Computational viewpoint
7.2 Engineering viewpoint
Annex A  OSI Management corresponding terms
Annex B  ODMA functions
B.1 Operation dispatching function
B.2 Notification dispatching function
B.3 Policy enforcing function
Annex C  Example of specifying OSI management using ODP-RM
C.1 Enterprise viewpoint
C.2 Information viewpoint
C.3 Computational viewpoint
C.4 Engineering viewpoint
C.5 Relationships between viewpoints
Annex D  Monitor metric example
D.1 Definitions for Metric Objects
D.2 Relationship Class Definition
D.3 Managed Object Class Definitions
D.4 Example for Computational Metric Objects
D.5 Relationship Class example
D.6 Relationship Mapping example
D.7 Managed Object Class examples
Annex E  Examples of Computational templates
E.1 ITU-T Rec. G.851.1 computational template
E.2 Examples of use of the computational template
Annex F  Example of Enterprise Community Specification
F.1 ODP Enterprise viewpoint concepts
F.2 Example Enterprise Community specification