1     Scope          
 2     Normative references           
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards   
        2.2     Additional references 
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     Imported definitions   
        3.2     Additional definitions  
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms              
 5     OID resolution system architecture  
        5.1     OID resolution process              
        5.2     Interactions between components in the general OID resolution process              
 6     DNS zone files for the domain    
        6.1     Overview        
        6.2     Requirements and restrictions on DNS zone files in the domain          
        6.3     Use of DNS resource records for ORS services  
        6.4     Security considerations             
 7     Operation of an ORS client  
        7.1     Functional interfaces  
        7.2     Processing a query      
        7.3     Converting an OID-IRI value to an FQDN            
        7.4     Processing DNS results              
        7.5     Security considerations             
 8     Requirements on ORS service specifications  
        8.1     Specification of NAPTR information      
        8.2     Recommendations for ORS application processing         
Annex A – Assigned ORS service types    
Annex B – Specification of the OID canonicalization (COID) ORS service    
Annex C  Specification of the child information (CINF) ORS service    
        C.1     General           
        C.2     CINF XML file 
Annex D – Specification of the registration information (RINF) ORS service    
        D.1     General           
        D.2     RINF XML file
Annex E – Specification of the module information (MINF) ORS service    
Annex F – Description of use cases    
        F.1     OID canonicalization (COID) ORS service             
        F.2     Child information (CINF) ORS service    
        F.3     Registration information (RINF) ORS service      
        F.4     Module information (MINF) ORS service             
Annex G – Examples of ORS operation    
        G.1     Example of DNS zone files for the ORS
        G.2     Examples of NAPTR resource records  
Annex H – History of object identifiers (OIDs)    
Annex I – Bibliography