1     Scope 
 2     Normative references 
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards 
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     ASN.1 terms 
        3.2     Directory terms 
        3.3     Directory attribute terms 
        3.4     Registration terms 
        3.5     Message Handling System terms 
        3.6     Additional definitions 
 4     Abbreviations 
 5     General
 6     Operation of Registration Authorities 
 7     Appointment of Registration Authorities 
 8     Fees 
Annex A – The assignment of international ADMD and PRMD names    
        A.1     Purpose 
        A.2     Requirements from ITU-T Rec. X.402 | ISO/IEC 10021-2 
        A.3     Use of names 
        A.4     Registration procedures 
        A.5     Register
        A.6     Content of forms 
Annex  B – The assignment of international organization names for use in Directory services    
        B.1     Purpose 
        B.2     Requirements from ITU-T Rec. X.520 | ISO/IEC 9594-6 
        B.3     Use of international organization names 
        B.4     Registration procedures 
        B.5     Register
        B.6     Content of forms 
Annex  C – The assignment of international object identifier component values to organizations    
        C.1     Purpose 
        C.2     Requirements from ITU-T Rec. X.680 | ISO/IEC 8824-1 
        C.3     Use of international object identifier components 
        C.4     Registration procedures 
        C.5     Register
        C.6     Content of forms