1     Scope
 2     References
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     General
 6     Operation of registration authorities
 7     Appointment of registration authorities
 8     Fees
Annex  A – The assignment of international ADMD and PRMD names
        A.1     Purpose
        A.2     Requirements from ITU-T Rec. X.402 | ISO/IEC 10021-2
        A.3     Use of names
                  A.3.1     Use of international ADMD names
                  A.3.2     Use of international PRMD names
        A.4     Registration procedures
                  A.4.1     Application for registration
                  A.4.2     Review of applications
                  A.4.3     Confirmation process
        A.5     Register
                  A.5.1     Maintenance
                  A.5.2     Inquiry
                  A.5.3     Publication
        A.6     Content of forms
                  A.6.1     Registration application
                  A.6.2     Request for confirmation
                  A.6.3     Response to a request for confirmation
                  A.6.4     Notification
                  A.6.5     Registration announcement
                  A.6.6     Notice of rejection
                  A.6.7     Inquiry request
                  A.6.8     Inquiry response
                  A.6.9     Publication request and response
                 A.6.10     Register entry
                 A.6.11     Request for update
Annex  B – The assignment of international organization names for use in Directory services
        B.1     Purpose
        B.2     Requirements from ITU-T Rec. X.520 | ISO/IEC 9594-6
        B.3     Use of international organization names
        B.4     Registration procedures
                  B.4.1     Application for registration
                  B.4.2     Review of applications
                  B.4.3     Confirmation process
        B.5     Register
                  B.5.1     Maintenance
                  B.5.2     Inquiry
                  B.5.3     Publication
        B.6     Content of forms
                  B.6.1     Registration application
                  B.6.2     Request for confirmation
                  B.6.3     Response to a request for confirmation
                  B.6.4     Notification
                  B.6.5     Registration announcement
                  B.6.6     Notice of rejection
                  B.6.7     Inquiry request
                  B.6.8     Inquiry response
                  B.6.9     Publication request and response
                 B.6.10     Register entry
                 B.6.11     Request for update
Annex  C – The assignment of international object identifier component values to organizations
        C.1     Purpose
        C.2     Requirements from ITU-T Rec. X.680 | ISO/IEC 8824-1
        C.3     Use of international object identifier components
        C.4     Registration procedures
                  C.4.1     Application for registration
                  C.4.2     Review of applications
                  C.4.3     Confirmation process
        C.5     Register
                  C.5.1     Maintenance
                  C.5.2     Inquiry
                  C.5.3     Publication
        C.6     Content of forms
                  C.6.1     Registration application
                  C.6.2     Request for confirmation
                  C.6.3     Response to a request for confirmation
                  C.6.4     Notification
                  C.6.5     Registration announcement
                  C.6.6     Notice of rejection
                  C.6.7     Inquiry request
                  C.6.8     Inquiry response
                  C.6.9     Publication request and response
                 C.6.10     Register entry
                 C.6.11     Request for update