1     Scope 
 2     Normative references       
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards          
        2.2     Paired CCITT Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content   
        2.3     Additional references         
 3     Definitions  
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Registration
        5.1     Overview  
        5.2     Management of the registration naming-domain       
        5.3     Operation  
 6     Registration-hierarchical-names    
 7     International Registration-Authorities        
        7.1     Requirement for an International Registration Authority       
        7.2     Operation of International Registration Authorities  
        7.3     Sponsoring Authorities       
 8     Contents of registration procedures for objects of a particular type
 9     Progression of registration procedures for objects of a particular type       
Annex A     Derivation of object identifiers       
Annex B     Derivation of Directory names        
Annex C     Derivation together of object identifiers and Directory names          
Annex D     References to this Recommendation | International Standard