1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional references
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Reference model definitions
                  3.1.1     Basic Reference Model definitions
                  3.1.2     Naming and addressing definitions
        3.2     Service conventions definitions
        3.3     Presentation definitions
        3.4     Session definitions
        3.5     Application Layer Structure definitions
        3.6     ACSE service definitions
        3.7     Taxonomy of profile definitions
        3.8     Minimal OSI facilities definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Efficient OSI protocol operations
        5.1     Background/motivation for studies of efficient OSI protocol operations
        5.2     Requirements and principles governing efficient OSI protocol operations
        5.3     Interworking requirements for efficient OSI protocol operations
 6     Efficient upper layer protocol operations
        6.1     Introduction
        6.2     Functions provided by the OSI upper layers
        6.3     Efficiency concerns regarding current OSI upper layer protocol
        6.4     Efficient upper layer protocol options
                  6.4.1     Connection-mode protocols
                  6.4.2     Connectionless-mode upper layer protocols
        6.5     Matching efficiency needs to various upper layer protocol options
 7     Efficient lower layer protocol operations
        7.1     Introduction
        7.2     Functions provided by the OSI Lower Layers
                  7.2.1     Data Link Layer
                  7.2.2     Network Layer
                  7.2.3     Transport Layer
        7.3     Lower layer protocol options
                  7.3.1     Data Link Efficiency Option
                  7.3.2     Fast byte for the Network and Transport layers
                  7.3.3     Efficient use of the connectionless mode
        7.4     Matching efficiency needs to various lower layer protocol options
                  7.4.1     Single subnetworks
                  7.4.2     Multiple subnetworks
 8     Integration of efficiency options across the layers
        8.1     Possible combinations of upper and lower layer efficiency options
        8.2     Relaying issues