1     Scope 
 2     Normative references 
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     Terms defined in ITU-T Rec. X.605 | ISO/IEC 13252 
        3.2     Terms defined in ITU-T Rec. X.606 | ISO/IEC 14476-1 
        3.3     Terms defined in this Recommendation | International Standard 
 4     Abbreviations 
        4.1     Packet types 
        4.2     Miscellaneous 
 5     Conventions 
 6     Overview  
 7     Components for QoS management
        7.1     Connection information element
        7.2     QoS parameters 
        7.3     QoS extension element
        7.4     Acknowledgement element
        7.5     Packets used for QoS management
 8     Procedures for QoS management
        8.1     QoS negotiation 
                  8.1.1     Negotiation procedures 
                  8.1.2     QoS negotiation in the tree hierarchy 
                  8.1.3     MSS negotiation 
                  8.1.4     Resource reservation 
        8.2     QoS monitoring 
                  8.2.1     Generation of ACK          
                  8.2.2     Measurement of QoS parameter values 
                  8.2.3     Mapping to a parameter status value 
                  8.2.4     Reporting toward the sender         
        8.3     QoS maintenance 
                  8.3.1     Adjustment of data transmission rate 
                  8.3.2     Connection pause and resume 
                  8.3.3     Troublemaker ejection 
                  8.3.4     Connection termination 
 9     Timers and variables 
        9.1     Timers 
        9.2     Operation variables 

Annex A – Interworking between ECTP and RSVP for resource reservation    
        A.1     ECTP QoS parameters 
        A.2     Overview of RSVP 
                  A.2.1     RSVP SENDER_TSPEC  
                  A.2.2     RSVP ADSPEC  
                  A.2.3     RSVP FLOWSPEC  
                  A.2.4     RSVP API
        A.3     An example of the parameter mapping between RSVP and ECTP 
        A.4     A scenario of interworking between ECTP and RSVP 

Annex B – Application Programming Interfaces    
        B.1     Overview  
                  B.1.1     API functions 
                  B.1.2     Use of ECTP API functions 
        B.2     ECTP API functions 
                  B.2.1     msocket()
                  B.2.2     mbind()
                  B.2.3     maccept()
                  B.2.4     mconnect()
                  B.2.5     msend()
                  B.2.6     mrecv()
                  B.2.7     mclose()
                  B.2.8     mgetsockopt() and msetsockopt()
        B.3     An example of the msocket.h header file