Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     Normative references           
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere          
        3.2     Terms defined within this Recommendation | International Standard      
 4     Abbreviations           
        4.1     Abbreviations of MMC-3 protocol messages     
        4.2     Abbreviations of non-messages             
 5     Conventions             
 6     Overview    
        6.1     MMC-3 services           
        6.2     MMC-3 protocol entities          
        6.3     Protocol modules of MMC-3   
        6.4     MMC-3 control model
        6.5     Data delivery model of MMC-3 protocol            
        6.6     Types of messages      
 7     Protocol operation 
        7.1     Session manager operation      
        7.2     Multicast agent operation        
        7.3     Mobile multicast agent operation         
        7.4     Mobile node operation             
 8     MMC-3 protocol messages  
        8.1     Common MMC-3 protocol message format      
        8.2     Control and sub-control format             
        8.3     MMC-3 protocol messages      
        8.4     MMC-3 controls and sub-controls         
 9     Parameters
        9.1     Identifications used in MMC-3 
        9.2     Parameters used in the MMC-3 protocol            
        9.3     Codes for reasons and results  
        9.4     Timer-related parameters        
        9.5     Data profile used in MMC-3 protocol   
Annex A – Procedural flows for normal MMC-3 protocol    
        A.1     Overview        
        A.2     Procedural flows         
Annex B – Data delivery scheme for real-time applications    
        B.1     Overview        
        B.2     Data delivery scheme using IP in IP encapsulation scheme           
        B.3     Data delivery scheme using a non-encapsulation scheme