This Recommendation | International Standard describes the functions and procedure of the relayed multicast protocol part 2 (RMCP-2) which is an application-layer protocol constructing one-to-many overlay multicast tree for multicast data delivery from one sender to multiple receivers over the IP-based network. The RMCP-2 consists of multicast agent (MA) and session manager (SM). The MA constructs the one-to-many relayed data path to provide multicast-based services. The SM controls and manages the RMCP-2 sessions. The RMCP-2 can be used for applications that require one-to-many data delivery services, such as multimedia streaming service, file distribution service, e-learning, etc.

This Recommendation | International Standard also describes the security functionalities of an RMCP-2. It provides various security facilities to fulfill general as well as specific security requirements. Some detailed functions that can operate with a variety of standardized security mechanisms are provided.