Table of Contents

 1     Scope       
 2     Normative references         
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards       
        2.2     Additional references  
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations       
 5     Overview  
        5.1     RMCP-2 entities        
        5.2     RMCP-2 protocol block         
        5.3     Simplex delivery model of RMCP-2     
        5.4     Types of RMCP-2 messages    
 6     Protocol operation 
        6.1     SM's operation          
        6.2     MA's operation         
 7     RMCP-2 message format    
        7.1     Common format of RMCP-2 message   
        7.2     Control data format   
        7.3     Messages      
 8     Parameters
        8.1     Data forwarding profile          
        8.2     Parameters used in RMCP-2    
        8.3     Encoding rules to represent values used in RMCP-2      
 9     Overview of secure RMCP-2           
        9.1     Conventions 
        9.2     Secure RMCP-2 entities         
        9.3     Protocol blocks         
        9.4     Types of secure RMCP-2 protocol messages     
        9.5     Structure of regional security management       
10     Protocol operation
       10.1     SM operation           
       10.2     MA operation          
11     Format of secure RMCP-2 messages
       11.1     Common format for secure RMCP-2 messages 
       11.2     Secure RMCP-2 messages      
12     Parameters           
       12.1     Secure RMCP-2 node types and code values    
       12.2     Secure RMCP-2 message types and code values           
       12.3     Secure RMCP-2 control types and code values 
       12.4     Code values related to the RMCP-2 security policy      
       12.5     Miscellaneous code values    
Annex A – Tree configuration algorithm    
        A.1     Bootstrapping rule    
        A.2     Neighbour discovering rule    
        A.3     HMA selection rule   
        A.4     CMA acceptance rule
        A.5     Parent decision rule  
        A.6     Tree improvement rule          
        A.7     PMA's kicking-out rule          
Annex B – Real-time data delivery scheme    
        B.1     Overview     
        B.2     IP-IP tunnel mechanism for RMCP-2 real-time data delivery      
Annex C – Reliable data delivery scheme    
        C.1     Overview     
        C.2     Operation     
        C.3     Data encapsulation format     
        C.4     Data profile  
Annex D – RMCP-2 API    
        D.1     Overview     
        D.2     RMCP-2 API functions          
Annex E – Membership authentication mechanism    
        E.1     Overview     
        E.2     Authentication procedure       
Annex F – Bibliography    
        F.1     Informative references