1     Introduction
 2     Scope and field of application
 3     Definitions
 4     Multicast service model
 5     Service overview
        5.1     Data transfer overview
        5.2     Signalling and control overview
 6     Service capabilities
        6.1     Multicast Group Creation and Membership Control
        6.2     Multicast Call
        6.3     Data Transfer
        6.4     Leave Call
        6.5     Join Call
        6.6     Multicast Call Termination
        6.7     Multicast Status
 7     Data flow model
        7.1     Queue configurations in different communication modes
        7.2     Data flow model and data transfer overview
Appendix I – Summary of group and call attributes
Appendix II – Mapping applications into multicast services
       II.1     News service
       II.2     Weather service
       II.3     Information service with back-up device
       II.4     Examination
       II.5     Name service
       II.6     Distributed data base
       II.7     Time service
       II.8     Interpersonal on-line conferencing
       II.9     Lottery service
      II.10     Product announcements
      II.11     Audio/Graphic Conferencing
Appendix III – Provision of multicast service in PSPDN environments