1 Scope
2 Normative references
2.1 Identical Recommendations | International Standards
2.2 Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
3 Definitions
3.1 OSI Reference Model definitions
3.2 Management Framework definitions
3.3 System Management Overview definitions
3.4 Management Information Model definitions
3.5 Directory Model definitions
3.6 Distributed Operation definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Conventions
6 Directory management requirements
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Sources of management requirements
6.3 Analysis of management requirements
7 Directory Management Model
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Directory Management Model components
7.3 Layered Directory Management Model
7.4 Directory Information Model and System Management Information Model
7.5 Directory Service Model
8 Provision of management services
9 Directory Management Information Model
10 Directory managed objects
10.1 DSA managed object
10.2 Known DSA managed objects
10.3 Known DUA managed objects
10.4 Upper layer definitions
10.5 DUA managed objects
10.6 Directory Service managed objects
10.7 Directory Management Domain managed objects
Annex A Managed object definitions
A.1 Management of a DSA
A.2 Management of a Known DSA
A.3 Management of a Known DUA
A.4 Management of association
A.5 Management of a DUA
A.6 Directory Service management
A.8 Definition of attributes
A.9 ASN.1 notations
Annex B Amendments and corrigenda