1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
 3     Definitions
        3.1     OSI Reference Model definitions
        3.2     Management Framework definitions
        3.3     System Management Overview definitions
        3.4     Management Information Model definitions
        3.5     Directory Model definitions
        3.6     Distributed Operation definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Directory management requirements
        6.1     Introduction
        6.2     Sources of management requirements
                  6.2.1     Service agreement
                  6.2.2     Operations
                  6.2.3     Business processes
        6.3     Analysis of management requirements
                  6.3.1     General requirements
                  6.3.2     Directory user
                  6.3.3     Directory customer
                  6.3.4     Directory service manager
                  6.3.5     Directory business manager
                  6.3.6     Management of the DIT domain
                  6.3.7     Management of a DSA
 7     Directory Management Model
        7.1     Introduction
        7.2     Directory Management Model components
        7.3     Layered Directory Management Model
        7.4     Directory Information Model and System Management Information Model
        7.5     Directory Service Model
                  7.5.1     Directory Information Service
                  7.5.2     Directory Control Service
 8     Provision of management services
 9     Directory Management Information Model
10     Directory managed objects
       10.1     DSA managed object
                 10.1.1     DSA managed object definitions
                 10.1.2     Directory service package definitions
                 10.1.3     DSA Information Tree operational information definitions
                 10.1.4     NHOB definitions
                 10.1.5     HOB definitions
                 10.1.6     Shadowing Agreement Definitions
       10.2     Known DSA managed objects
                 10.2.1     Known DSA managed object definitions
       10.3     Known DUA managed objects
                 10.3.1     Known DUA managed object definitions
       10.4     Upper layer definitions
                 10.4.1     Upper layer connection endpoint managed object class definitions
       10.5     DUA managed objects
                 10.5.1     DUA managed object definitions
       10.6     Directory Service managed objects
                 10.6.1     Directory Service managed object definitions
                 10.6.2     Directory Customer managed object definitions
                 10.6.3     Directory User managed object definitions
       10.7     Directory Management Domain managed objects
Annex  A  –  Managed object definitions
        A.1     Management of a DSA
                  A.1.1     DSA managed object definitions
                  A.1.2     Directory Service Packages Management Package definitions
                  A.1.3     DSA Information Tree operational information definitions
                  A.1.4     NHOB managed object definitions
                  A.1.5     HOB managed object definitions
                  A.1.6     Shadowing Agreement managed object definitions
        A.2     Management of a Known DSA
                  A.2.1     Known DSA managed object definition
                  A.2.2     Known DSA name binding definitions
                  A.2.3     Known DSA package definition
        A.3     Management of a Known DUA
                  A.3.1     Known DUA managed object definition
                  A.3.2     Known DUA name binding definition
                  A.3.3     Known DUA package definition
        A.4     Management of association
                  A.4.1     Upper Layer Connection Endpoint managed object definition
                  A.4.2     Upper Layer Connection Endpoint name binding definitions
                  A.4.3     Upper Layer Connection Endpoint package definition
        A.5     Management of a DUA
                  A.5.1     DUA managed object definition
                  A.5.2     DUA package definition
                  A.5.3     DUA action definitions
        A.6     Directory Service management
                  A.6.1     Directory Service
                  A.6.2     Directory Customer
                  A.6.3     Directory User
        A.7     DMD
                  A.7.1     DMD managed object
                  A.7.2     DMD package definition
        A.8     Definition of attributes
      A.9  ASN.1 notations