1 Introduction
1.1 Scope
1.2 Physical configurations
1.2.1 G3 facsimile equipment/FPAD
1.2.2 Operating environments
1.3 Requirements
1.3.1 G3 facsimile equipment requirements
1.3.2 Requirements of an application DTE
2 Description of the basic functions and user selectable functions of the FPAD
2.1 Configuration of the FPAD by the G3 facsimile equipment
2.2 FPAD parameters
2.3 Functions of the FPAD
2.3.1 Basic functions
2.3.2 Optional functions
2.4 Facsimile characteristics of the FPAD
2.5 User selectable functions which may be provided by the FPAD
2.5.1 Control of FPAD service signals
3 Characteristics of FPAD parameters
3.1 Characteristics of parameters
3.2 Possible values of parameters
3.3 Relationship with Recommendations X.38 and X.39
3.4 Determination of the values of FPAD parameters
3.4.1 Initial values of FPAD parameters
3.4.2 Current values of FPAD parameters
4 List of FPAD parameters and possible values
4.1 Control of FPAD service signals
Annex A Alphabetical list of abbreviations used in this Recommendation
Annex B Access to MHS
B.1 Introduction
B.2 References
B.3 Terms and definitions
B.4 Abbreviations
B.5 Conventions
B.6 Functional model
B.6.1 Functional model for access of a G3FE to MHS via FPAD
B.6.2 Networks and protocols involved
B.6.3 MHS elements of service for G3FE access to MHS via FPAD
B.6.4 MHS operations