This Recommendation supports the fourteen new elements of service for the general Message Store (MS) proposed in the forthcoming edition of Recommendation F.400/X.400. These extend the functionality of the 1992 edition of Recommendation X.413 in the following areas:

a)          The MS supports the storage of submitted messages (previously, only delivered messages could be stored). Draft messages may also be stored.

b)          A logging mechanism has been defined to record all submission and delivery events, and selected auto-action executions.

c)          Message grouping enables the MS-user to construct a storage hierarchy (similar to the directory structure of a filestore) for the classification of stored messages. Messages may be assigned to message-groups manually or automatically.

d)          The ASN.1 has been fully revised to take advantage of the new capabilities provided by Recommendations X.680 and X.880 (Remote Operations).

e)          Facilities have been added to improve message management; a “message lifetime” attribute may be attached, manually or automatically, to any message. The MS-user may instruct the MS to automatically delete any message whose lifetime has expired. Messages may be annotated, either manually or automatically.

f)           Reports may be auto-correlated with the messages they refer to, such that the MS-user can easily retrieve a summary of all delivery and non-delivery reports concerning a specific message.

Seven further new elements of service specific to the Interpersonal Messaging Message Store are supported by Recommendation X.420 (1994).