1     Procedures for the exchange of FPAD control information and user data
        1.2     Address field and destination G3FE telephone number
        1.3     Call user data
        1.4     User sequences
        1.5     FPAD messages
 2     User Data Transfer
 3     Procedure for the use of FPAD messages
        3.1     Procedures for reading, setting, and setting and reading of FPAD parameters
        3.2     Procedures for inviting the FPAD to clear
        3.3     Error handling procedures by the FPAD
        3.4     Procedure for inviting the FPAD to reselect the called DTE
        3.5     Facsimile procedure
        3.6     Ancillary signals, commands and responses procedures
 4     Formats
        4.1     Introduction
        4.2     Call user data format
        4.3     User sequence format
        4.4     Control message format
Annex A
Annex B – Characteristics of virtual calls and Recommendation X.25 as related to the FPAD representation of a G3 facsimile equipment and a packet mode DTE (or remote FPAD)
        B.1     General interface characteristics
        B.2     Interface procedures for virtual call control
        B.3     Interface procedures for data transfer
        B.4     Virtual call characteristics
Annex C – Alphabetical list of abbreviations used in this Recommendation
Annex D – Access to MHS
        D.1     Introduction
        D.2     References
        D.3     Format of the MHS related FPAD messages
        D.4     Mapping of the MHS related FPAD messages to the MHS features