This Recommendation defines the DTE/DCE interface for public data networks providing frame relay data transmission service by dedicated circuit. It defines frame relay basic service for permanent virtual circuits and switched virtual circuits and frame relay link layer protocol for data transfer. It defines permanent virtual circuits management protocol and signalling for switched virtual circuits. It also defines the following network capabilities: closed user group, reverse charging, transit network selection, transfer and discard priorities and service classes, NSAP support by the network for interworking with ATM networks, multiprotocol encapsulation and selection and fragmentation at the DTE/DCE interface. This revision replaces ITU-T Rec. X.36 (2000); it has a new annex explaining the relationship between clause 11 on PVC management procedures and Annex A of ITU-T Rec. Q.933 and a new appendix imported from ITU-T Rec. Q.933.

This revision of ITU-T Rec. X.36 (2003) is in alignment with the latest release of ITU-T Recs Q.933 (2003) and X.76 (2003).