1     Description of the basic functions and user selectable functions of the PAD
        1.3     Functions of the PAD
        1.4     User selectable functions which may be provided by the PAD
 2     Characteristics of PAD parameters
        2.4     Determination of the values of PAD parameters
 3     List of PAD parameters and possible values
        3.1     PAD recall using a character
       3.2      Echo
        3.3     Selection of data forwarding character(s)
        3.4     Selection of idle timer delay
        3.5     Ancillary device control
        3.6     Control of PAD service signals and PAD command signals
        3.7     Selection of operation of PAD on receipt of break signal from the start-stop mode DTE
        3.8     Discard output
        3.9     Padding after carriage return
       3.10     Line folding
       3.11     Binary speed
       3.12     Flow control of the PAD by the start-stop mode DTE
       3.13     Linefeed insertion after carriage return
       3.14     Linefeed padding
       3.15     Editing
       3.16     Character delete
       3.17     Line delete
       3.18     Line display
       3.19     Editing PAD service signals
       3.20     Echo mask
       3.21     Parity treatment
       3.23     Size of input field
       3.24     End-of-frame
       3.25     Selection of extended data forwarding signals
       3.26     Display interrupt
       3.27     Confirmation of display interrupt
       3.28     Diacritic character editing
       3.29     Extended echo mask
       3.30     Selection of the default packet size