0 Introduction
1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions
4 Abbreviations
    4.1 Abbreviations defined in Recommendation X.290
    4.2 Other abbreviations
5 Overview of the Conformance Assessment Process
    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Preparation for testing
    5.3 Test operations
    5.4 Test report production
6 Preparation for testing
    6.1 Introduction
    6.2 Requirements for SUT testability
        6.2.1 Client role
    6.3 Communication between the test laboratory and the client
        6.3.1 Test laboratory and client checklists
        6.3.2 Agreement on test methods and selection of test suites
        6.3.3 Management of technical issues
    6.4 Documentation for conformance assessment
        6.4.1 Overview
        6.4.2 Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)
        6.4.3 Protocol Implementation extra Information for Testing (PIXIT)
        6.4.4 System Conformance Statement (SCS)
        6.4.5 TMP Implementation Statement
7 Test operations
    7.1 Introduction
    7.2 Static Conformance Review
        7.2.1 Test laboratory role
        7.2.2 Client role
    7.3 Test selection
    7.4 Test parameterization
        7.4.1 Test laboratory role
        7.4.2 Client role
    7.5 Test Coordination Procedure verification
        7.5.1 Introduction
        7.5.2 Mutual role
    7.6 Test Campaign
        7.6.1 Introduction
        7.6.2 Test laboratory role
        7.6.3 Client role
        7.6.4 Mutual role
    7.7 Negotiated Exits during the Test Campaign
        7.7.1 Use of a Negotiated Exit
        7.7.2 Test laboratory role
        7.7.3 Client role
        7.7.4 Mutual role
8 Test report production
    8.1 Conformance test reports
        8.1.1 Introduction
    8.2 System Conformance Test Report (SCTR)
        8.2.1 Test laboratory role
        8.2.2 Client role
        8.2.3 Mutual role
    8.3 Protocol Conformance Test Report (PCTR)
        8.3.1 Test laboratory role
        8.3.2 Client role
        8.3.3 Mutual role
9 Compliance
    9.1 Test laboratory role
    9.2 Client role
ANNEX A System Conformance Test Report (SCTR)3)
A.1 Introduction
A.2 SCTR Proforma
ANNEX B Protocol Conformance Test Report (PCTR)4)
B.1 Introduction
B.2 PCTR Proforma
ANNEX C Skeleton PIXIT Proforma5)
C.1 Introduction
C.2 PIXIT Proforma
ANNEX D Guidance for a PIXIT
ANNEX E Summary of Conformance Testing documents
E.1 Abbreviations in this annex
E.2 Use of Conformance Testing documents by the client and test laboratory