0 Introduction
1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Compliance
6 Conformance requirements in OSI CCITT Recommendations and International Standards
    6.1 Introduction
    6.2 General requirements
    6.3 Conformance clauses
7 Requirements on PICS proformas
8 Abstract Test Suite production process leading to conformance testing standards
9 Conformance requirements and PICS proforma
10 Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes
    10.1 Basic requirements
    10.2 Specification of the test suite structure
    10.3 Specification of the test purposes
    10.4 Coverage
    10.5 TSS&TP compliance clause
11 Specification of generic test suites
12 Abstract Test Methods
    12.1 Introduction
    12.2 General principles
        12.2.1 Lower Testers
        12.2.2 Upper Testers
    12.3 General specification of the ATMs for end-system IUTs
        12.3.1 Introduction
        12.3.2 The Local test method
        12.3.3 The Distributed test method
        12.3.4 The Coordinated test method
        12.3.5 The Remote test method
        12.3.6 Single-layer and embedded variants
    12.4 Variants for single-protocol IUTs
        12.4.1 Introduction
        12.4.2 The LS test method
        12.4.3 The DS test method
        12.4.4 The CS test method
        12.4.5 The RS test method
    12.5 Variants for multi-protocol IUTs
        12.5.1 Introduction
        12.5.2 The LSE test method
        12.5.3 The DSE test method
        12.5.4 The CSE test method
        12.5.5 The RSE test method
    12.6 ATMs for open relay-systems
        12.6.1 Introduction
        12.6.2 The YL test method
        12.6.3 The YT test method
    12.7 Choice of ATM
        12.7.1 Introduction
        12.7.2 Comprehensive testing service
        12.7.3 IUT environments
        12.7.4 Applicability of the ATMs
    12.8 Test coordination procedures
13 Specification of ATSs
    13.1 General
    13.2 Test cases
    13.3 ATS conformance clause
    13.4 Consistency with protocol
14 Specification of a TMP
15 Use of an ATS specification
16 ATS maintenance
ANNEX A Requirements and guidance for a PICS proforma
A.1 Introduction
A.2 Relationship between PICS proformas and conformance requirements
A.3 General layout
A.4 Copyright
A.5 First section - Identification of the implementation
A.6 Second section - Identification of the protocol
A.7 Global statement of conformance
A.8 Other sections - Capabilities
A.9 Formats of the tables
ANNEX B Guidance for protocol specifiers to facilitate conformance testing
B.1 Introduction
B.2 Guidance on scope
B.3 Guidance on normative references
B.4 Guidance on requirements and options
B.5 Guidance on PDUs
B.6 Guidance on states
B.7 Guidance on formal description techniques (FDTs)
B.8 Miscellaneous guidance
ANNEX C Incomplete static conformance requirements
ANNEX D Guidance on generic test cases
D.1 Introduction
D.2 Description of generic test cases