Summary     ii
Introduction        ii
 1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional references
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conformance
Annex A – PICS proforma for the remote operations protocol
        A.1     Identification of PICS proforma corrigenda
        A.2     Instructions
                  A.2.1     Purpose and structure of the proforma
                  A.2.2     Symbols, terms and abbreviations
                               A.2.2.1     Introduction
                               A.2.2.2     Prerequisite notation
                               A.2.2.3     Item numbering
                               A.2.2.4     Status column
                               A.2.2.5     Support column
                               A.2.2.6     Definition of support
                               A.2.2.7     Predicate definitions
                               A.2.2.8     Range of values columns
                               A.2.2.9     Abbreviations
                  A.2.3     Instructions for completion
        A.3     Identification of the implementation
                  A.3.1     Date of statement
                  A.3.2     Identification of the implementation and/or system
                  A.3.3     Identification of the system supplier and/or test laboratory client
        A.4     Protocol identification
                  A.4.1     CCITT Rec. X.229 | ISO/IEC 9072-2 protocol specification and amendments implemented
                  A.4.2     CCITT Rec. X.229 | ISO/IEC 9072-2 technical corrigenda implemented
        A.5     Global statement of conformance
        A.6     Capabilities and options
                  A.6.1     Application entity requirements
                  A.6.2     Supported ROSE APDUs on origination
                  A.6.3     Supported ROSE APDUs on reception
                  A.6.4     ROIV (origination)
                  A.6.5     ROIV (reception)
                  A.6.6     RORS (origination)
                  A.6.7     RORS (reception)
                  A.6.8     ROER (origination)
                  A.6.9     ROER (reception)
                 A.6.10     RORJ (origination)
                 A.6.11     RORJ (reception)
                 A.6.12     General problem
                 A.6.13     Invoke problem
                 A.6.14     ReturnResult problem
                 A.6.15     ReturnError problem
                 A.6.16     Other information
        A.7     Multi-layer dependencies
                  A.7.1     Upper layers
                  A.7.2     Lower layers