Summary     iv
Introduction        iv
 1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conformance
Annex A –          Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) Proforma for the Connection-Oriented Session Protocol
        A.1     Identification of PICS proforma corrigenda
        A.2     Instructions
                  A.2.1     Purpose and structure of the proforma
                  A.2.2     Symbols, terms and abbreviations
                               A.2.2.1     Introduction
                               A.2.2.2     Item numbering
                               A.2.2.3     Status column
                               A.2.2.4     Support column
                               A.2.2.5     Value column
                               A.2.2.6     Mnemonic column
                               A.2.2.7     Length column
                  A.2.3     Instructions for completion
        A.3     Identification of the implementation
                  A.3.1     Date of statement
                  A.3.2     Implementation details
        A.4     Protocol Identification
                  A.4.1     ITU-T Rec. X.225 | ISO/IEC 8327-1 protocol details
                  A.4.2     ITU-T Rec. X.225 | ISO/IEC 8327-1 protocol versions
                  A.4.3     ITU-T Rec. X.225 | ISO/IEC 8327-1 technical corrigenda implemented
        A.5     Global statement of conformance
        A.6     Supported functional units and protocol mechanisms
                  A.6.1     Functional units
                  A.6.2     Protocol mechanisms
        A.7     Supported SPDUs
                  A.7.1     Kernel functional unit
                               A.7.1.1     Supported roles
                               A.7.1.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Kernel functional unit
                               A.7.1.3     Support for the SPDUs associated with Token Exchange
                  A.7.2     Negotiated Release functional unit
                               A.7.2.1     Supported roles
                               A.7.2.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Negotiated Release functional unit
                  A.7.3     Half Duplex functional unit
                               A.7.3.1     Supported roles
                               A.7.3.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Half Duplex functional unit
                  A.7.4     Duplex functional unit
                  A.7.5     Expedited Data functional unit
                               A.7.5.1     Supported roles
                               A.7.5.2     Support for the SPDU associated with the Expedited Data functional unit
                  A.7.6     Typed Data functional unit
                               A.7.6.1     Supported roles
                               A.7.6.2     Support for the SPDU associated with the Typed Data functional unit
                  A.7.7     Capability Data functional unit
                               A.7.7.1     Supported roles
                               A.7.7.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Capability Data functional unit
                  A.7.8     Minor synchronize functional unit
                               A.7.8.1     Supported roles
                               A.7.8.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Minor synchronize functional unit
                  A.7.9     Symmetric synchronize functional unit
                               A.7.9.1     Supported roles
                               A.7.9.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Symmetric synchronize functional unit
                 A.7.10     Data separation functional unit
                 A.7.11     Major synchronize functional unit
                              A.7.11.1     Supported roles
                              A.7.11.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Major synchronize functional unit
                 A.7.12     Resynchronize functional unit
                              A.7.12.1     Supported roles
                              A.7.12.2     Supported resynchronize types
                              A.7.12.3     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Resynchronize functional unit
                 A.7.13     Exceptions functional unit
                              A.7.13.1     Supported roles
                              A.7.13.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Exceptions functional unit
                 A.7.14     Activity management functional unit
                              A.7.14.1     Supported roles
                              A.7.14.2     Support for the SPDUs associated with the Activity management functional unit
        A.8     Supported SPDU-parameters
                  A.8.1     Connect (CN) SPDU
                               A.8.1.1     Connection Identifier
                               A.8.1.2     Connect/Accept Item
                               A.8.1.3     Single Items
                  A.8.2     Overflow Accept (OA) SPDU
                  A.8.3     Connect Data Overflow (CDO) SPDU
                  A.8.4     Accept (AC) SPDU
                               A.8.4.1     Connection Identifier
                               A.8.4.2     Connect/Accept Item
                               A.8.4.3     Single Items
                  A.8.5     Refuse (RF) SPDU
                               A.8.5.1     Connection Identifier
                               A.8.5.2     Single Items
                  A.8.6     Finish (FN) SPDU
                  A.8.7     Disconnect (DN) SPDU
                  A.8.8     Not Finish (NF) SPDU
                  A.8.9     Abort (AB) SPDU
                 A.8.10     Abort Accept (AA) SPDU
                 A.8.11     Data Transfer (DT) SPDU
                 A.8.12     Expedited Data (EX) SPDU
                 A.8.13     Typed Data (TD) SPDU
                 A.8.14     Capability Data (CD) SPDU
                 A.8.15     Capability Data Ack (CDA) SPDU
                 A.8.16     Give Tokens (GT) SPDU
                 A.8.17     Please Tokens (PT) SPDU
                 A.8.18     Minor Sync Point (MIP) SPDU
                 A.8.19     Minor Sync Ack (MIA) SPDU
                 A.8.20     Major Sync Point (MAP) SPDU
                 A.8.21     Major Sync Ack (MAA) SPDU
                 A.8.22     Resynchronize (RS) SPDU
                 A.8.23     Resynchronize Ack (RA) SPDU
                 A.8.24     Prepare (PR) SPDU
                 A.8.25     Exception Report (ER) SPDU
                 A.8.26     Exception Data (ED) SPDU
                 A.8.27     Give Tokens Confirm (GTC) SPDU
                 A.8.28     Give Tokens Ack (GTA) SPDU
                 A.8.29     Activity Start (AS) SPDU
                 A.8.30     Activity Resume (AR) SPDU
                              A.8.30.1     Linking Information
                              A.8.30.2     Single Items
                 A.8.31     Activity Interrupt (AI) SPDU
                 A.8.32     Activity Interrupt Ack (AIA) SPDU
                 A.8.33     Activity Discard (AD) SPDU
                 A.8.34     Activity Discard Ack (ADA) SPDU
                 A.8.35     Activity End (AE) SPDU
                 A.8.36     Activity End Ack (AEA) SPDU
Annex B – List of conditional statements
Annex C – List of mnemonics used in the conditional and optional statements