1 Scope
2 Normative references
2.1 Identical Recommendations | International Standards
2.2 Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
2.3 Additional references
3 Definitions
3.1 Reference model definitions
3.2 Service conventions definitions
3.3 Network layer architecture definitions
3.4 Network layer addressing definitions
3.5 Local area network definitions
3.6 PICS definitions
3.7 Additional definitions
4 Abbreviations
4.1 Data units
4.2 Protocol data units
4.3 Protocol data unit fields
4.4 Parameters
4.5 Miscellaneous
5 Overview of the protocol
5.1 Internal organization of the Network layer
5.2 Subsets of the protocol
5.3 Addresses and titles
5.4 Service provided by the protocol
5.5 Underlying service assumed by the protocol
6 Protocol functions
6.1 PDU composition function
6.2 PDU decomposition function
6.3 Header format analysis function
6.4 PDU lifetime control function
6.5 Route PDU function
6.6 Forward PDU function
6.7 Segmentation function
6.8 Reassembly function
6.9 Discard PDU function
6.10 Error reporting function
6.11 PDU header error detection function
6.12 Padding function
6.13 Security function
6.14 Source routeing function
6.15 Record route function
6.16 Quality of service maintenance function
6.17 Priority function
6.18 Congestion notification function
6.19 Echo request function
6.20 Echo response function
6.21 Scope control function
6.22 Classification of functions
7 Structure and encoding of PDUs
7.1 Structure
7.2 Fixed part
7.3 Address part
7.4 Segmentation part
7.5 Options part
7.6 Data part
7.7 Data PDU
7.8 Inactive Network layer protocol
7.9 Error Report PDU
7.10 Echo Request PDU
7.11 Echo Response PDU
7.12 Multicast Data PDU
8 Provision of the underlying service
8.1 Subnetwork points of attachment
8.2 Subnetwork quality of service
8.3 Subnetwork user data
8.4 Subnetwork dependent convergence functions
9 Conformance
9.1 Static conformance
9.2 Dynamic conformance
9.3 PICS proforma
Annex A PICS proforma
A.1 Introduction
A.2 Abbreviations and special symbols
A.3 Instructions for completing the PICS proforma
A.4 Identification
A.5 Major capabilities
A.6 End systems
A.7 Intermediate systems
Annex B Supporting technical material
B.1 Data unit lifetime
B.2 Reassembly lifetime control
B.3 The power of the header error detection function
Annex C Algorithms for PDU header error detection function
C.1 Symbols used in algorithms
C.2 Arithmetic conventions
C.3 Algorithm for generating checksum parameters
C.4 Algorithm for checking checksum parameters
C.5 Algorithm to adjust the checksum parameter when an octet is altered