This amendment defines several efficiency options.

The fast associate mechanism defines the construction of the User Summary parameter of the S-CONNECT primitives from the semantics of the presentation CP-PPDU fields.

This amendment describes a protocol option which defines an alternative header encoding for the user-data of most presentation primitives when this contains only one presentation data value. When used in combination with the session short-encoding option, it minimizes the overhead for this common case, without loss of overall function, as the short encoding can be freely mixed with the non-compressed encodings.

The nominated context presentation protocol option allows for the “simple-encoding” CHOICE for the presentation user-data to be used for one of the presentation contexts of the Defined Context Set (DCS) even when there are many elements in the DCS. This allows a significant reduction in the presentation Protocol Control Information (PCI) overhead for any application that sends most of its data in the same presentation context without any loss of functionality.

In another efficiency option, the use of the Packed Encoding Rules (PER) for the presentation protocol allows the full range of values for the presentation protocol to be conveyed with a smaller overhead in terms of the bits to be sent.