1     Scope
 2     References
        2.1     Identical ITU-T Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired ITU-T Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional References
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Overview of Management Information for the CNMe realisation
        6.1     Management information representation for the CNMe realisation
        6.2     Information model overview
        6.3     Information model for the CNMe realisation
                  6.3.1     Information model for Fault Management
                  6.3.2     Information model for Configuration Management
                          Information model for CNM service request
                          Information model for CNM ordering service
                          Information model for CNM reconfiguration service
                          Information model for CNM cancellation service
                          Information model for CNM configuration inquiry service
                  6.3.3     Information model for Accounting Management
                  6.3.4     Information model for Performance Management
                  6.3.5     Information model for Security Management
 7     Provision of the CNM Services
        7.1     Management Information definition for Fault Management
                  7.1.1     CNM Alarm Notification Service
                          Provision of the CNM Alarm Notification Service
                  7.1.2     CNM Fault History Service
                          Provision of the CNM Fault History Service
                  7.1.3     CNM Trouble Report Service
                          Provision of the Trouble Report Service
        7.2     Management Information definition for Configuration Management
                  7.2.1     CNM Configuration Inquiry Service
                          Functions description
                          Provision of the CNM Configuration Inquiry Service
                  7.2.2     CNM Reconfiguration Service
                          Provision of the CNM Reconfiguration Service
                  7.2.3     CNM Ordering Service
                          Provision of the CNM Ordering Service
                  7.2.4     CNM cancellation Service
                          Provision of the CNM Cancellation Service
                  7.2.5     CNM Inventory Inquiry Service
        7.3     Management Information definition for Accounting Management
                  7.3.1     CNM Periodic Billing Service
                          Provision of the CNM Periodic Billing Service
                  7.3.2     CNM Detailed accounting service
        7.4     Management Information definition for Performance Management
                  7.4.1     CNM Traffic Information Service
                  7.4.2     CNM Quality of Service Information Service
                  7.4.3     CNM Network statistics service
                          Provision of the CNM Network statistics
        7.5     Management Information definition for Security Management
        7.6     CNM supporting services
                  7.6.1     CNM Service Request service
                          Provision of the CNM service Request Service
 8     The CNMe object definition
        8.1     Object definition for CNM service request
                  8.1.1     Generic Object definition
                          CUSTOMER definition
                          CONTRACT definition
                          ACTION definition
                          Contact definition
                          ServiceOrder definition
                          Location definition
                          Equipment definition
                          Network definition
                  8.1.2     Object definition for X25 access ordering
                          X25OrderProfile definition
                  8.1.3     Object definition for X25PVC subscription
                          X25PvcOrderProfile definition
                          CUSTOMER definition
                          CONTRACT definition
                          ACTION definition
                          CONTACT definition
        8.2     Object definition for reconfiguration service
        8.3     Object definition for the cancellation service
 9     EDI Message definition
        9.1     Principles
        9.2     ORDERS message
                  9.2.1     Message structure
                  9.2.2     Header section
                          Structure of the header section
                          Segment description
                  9.2.3     Detail Section
                          Detail section – Product group
       Detail section – Specific characteristics group
                  9.2.4     Trailer section
                          Structure of the trailer section
                          Segment description
        9.3     ORDRSP message
                  9.3.1     Message profile structure
                  9.3.2     Header section
                          Structure of the header section
                          Segment description
                  9.3.3     Detail Section
                          Detail section – Product group
                          Detail section: Specific characteristics group
                  9.3.4     Trailer section
                          Structure of the trailer section
                          Segment description
10     Conformance for the CNMe interface
Annex A – Code Lists
        A.1     Introduction
        A.2     LIN Line Item Code Lists
Annex A – Code Lists
        B.1     Introduction
        B.2     Fault Management
                  B.2.1     Alarm Notification (or Fault Event Handling)
                  B.2.2     Fault History
                  B.2.3     Trouble Report
                  B.2.4     Loop set-up
                  B.2.5     Test host
                  B.2.6     Protocol monitoring
        B.3     Configuration Management
                  B.3.1     Configuration inquiry
                  B.3.2     Service Reconfiguration
                  B.3.3     Ordering Service
                               B.3.3.1     X.25 Ordering
                  B.3.4     Inventory inquiry
                  B.3.5     Systematic call redirection
        B.4     Accounting Services
                  B.4.1     Periodic billing
                  B.4.2     Detailed accounting
                  B.4.3     Quota control
                  B.4.4     Real-time charging information
        B.5     Performance Management Service
                  B.5.1     Traffic information
                               B.5.1.1     Real-time traffic information
                               B.5.1.2     Traffic Statistics Service
                  B.5.2     Quality of Service
        B.6     Security Management
                  B.6.1     Password change
                  B.6.2     Access rights
        B.7     Service Inquiry Service
                  B.7.1     Identification