1     Scope
 2     References
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional references
 3     Definitions
        3.1     X.160 definitions
        3.2     X.701 management framework definitions
        3.3     X.710 CMIS definitions
        3.4     X.722 GDMO definitions
        3.5     M.3020 definition
        3.6     Imported definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Management information overview for CNM
        6.1     Basic concept of management information in the CNM service
        6.2     Management information structure
        6.3     Management information models for specific CNM services
                  6.3.1     Fault management
                  6.3.2     Configuration management
                  6.3.3     Accounting management
                  6.3.4     Performance management
                  6.3.5     Security management
                  6.3.6     CNM supporting services
 7     Definition of managed object classes
        7.1     Managed objects for fault management
                  7.1.1     Managed objects for alarm notification service
                  7.1.2     Managed objects for fault history service
                  7.1.3     Managed objects for trouble report service
                  7.1.4     Managed objects for loop setup service
                  7.1.5     Managed objects for test host service
                  7.1.6     Managed objects for protocol monitoring service
        7.2     Managed objects for configuration management
                  7.2.1     Managed objects for configuration inquiry service
                  7.2.2     Managed objects for CNM reconfiguration service
                  7.2.3     Managed objects for ordering service
                  7.2.4     Managed objects for systematic call redirection service
        7.3     Managed objects for accounting management
                  7.3.1     Managed objects for periodic billing service
                  7.3.2     Managed objects for detailed accounting service
        7.4     Managed objects for performance management
                  7.4.1     Managed objects for traffic information service
                  7.4.2     Managed objects for quality of service information service
        7.5     Managed objects for security management
                  7.5.1     Managed objects for password change service
                  7.5.2     Managed objects for access rights definition service
        7.6     Managed objects for CNM supporting services
                  7.6.1     Managed objects for generic CNM service request service
 8     Name binding for object classes
        8.1     Name binding for fault management
                  8.1.1     Name binding for alarm reporting service
                  8.1.2     Name binding for fault history service
                  8.1.3     Name binding for trouble report service
                  8.1.4     Name binding for loop setup service
                  8.1.5     Name binding for test host service
                  8.1.6     Name binding for protocol monitoring service
        8.2     Name binding for configuration management
                  8.2.1     Name binding for configuration inquiry service
                  8.2.2     Name binding for CNM reconfiguration service
                  8.2.3     Name binding for ordering service
                  8.2.4     Name binding for systematic call redirection service
        8.3     Name binding for accounting management
                  8.3.1     Name binding for periodic billing service
                  8.3.2     Name binding for detailed accounting
        8.4     Name binding for performance management
                  8.4.1     Name binding for traffic information service
                  8.4.2     Name binding for quality of service information service
        8.5     Name binding for security management
                  8.5.1     Name binding for password change service
                  8.5.2     Name binding for access rights definition service
        8.6     Name binding for CNM supporting services
                  8.6.1     Service request
 9     Definition of packages
        9.1     Packages for fault management
                  9.1.1     Packages for alarm notification service
                  9.1.2     Packages for fault history service
                  9.1.3     Packages for trouble report service
                  9.1.4     Packages for loop setup service
                  9.1.5     Packages for test host service
                  9.1.6     Packages for protocol monitoring service
        9.2     Packages for configuration management
                  9.2.1     Packages for configuration inquiry service
                  9.2.2     Packages for CNM reconfiguration service
                  9.2.3     Packages for systematic call redirection service
        9.3     Packages for accounting management
                  9.3.1     Packages for periodic billing service
                  9.3.2     Packages for detailed accounting
        9.4     Packages for performance management
                  9.4.1     Packages for traffic information service
                  9.4.2    Packages for quality of service information service
        9.5     Packages for security management
                  9.5.1     Packages for password change service
                  9.5.2     Packages for access rights definition service
        9.6    Packages for CNM supporting services management
                  9.6.1     Packages for negotiation service
                  9.6.2     Packages for service request service
10     Definition of attributes
       10.1     Attributes for name binding
       10.2     Attributes for objects identifier
                 10.2.1     CNM user identifier
                 10.2.2     CNM X.25 entity identifier
                 10.2.3     CUG profile identifier
                 10.2.4     Customer identifier
                 10.2.5     Hunt group profile identifier
                 10.2.6     MLP monitored point identifier
                 10.2.7     MLP profile identifier
                 10.2.8     Service request Id
                 10.2.9     SLP profile identifier
                10.2.10     X.25 PVC profile identifier
                10.2.11     X.25 termination point identifier
                10.2.12     X.25 service profile identifier
                10.2.13     Redirection list identifier
                10.2.14     X.25 physical connection identifier
       10.3     Other attributes
                 10.3.1     Contact list
                 10.3.2     Interlock code
                 10.3.3     CUG index
                 10.3.4     Customer title
                 10.3.5     Customer types
                 10.3.6     Date request
                 10.3.7     DTE address list
                 10.3.8     Geographic coordinates
                 10.3.9     Hunt group address
                10.3.10     Limit validity date
                10.3.11     Location detail
                10.3.12     Location ID
                10.3.13     Location title
                10.3.14     Location type
                10.3.15     MLP frames outside window guard
                10.3.16     MLP frames received
                10.3.17     MLP frames sent
                10.3.18     MLP subscription
                10.3.19     Operation list
                10.3.20     Postal address
                10.3.21     OP network list
                10.3.22     Processing mode
                10.3.23     Result list
                10.3.24     Service list
                10.3.25     Suborganization object list
                10.3.26     Status
                10.3.27     Trouble type PSPDN
                10.3.28     Type text
                10.3.29     Call redirection list
                10.3.30     Location pointer
                10.3.31     Loopback status
       10.4     Attributes for further studying services
       10.5     Services that define no attribute on this Recommendation
11     Definition of notifications
       11.1     Derived notification definitions
       11.2     Defined notifications
                 11.2.1     Invoice report
12     Definition of parameters
       12.1     Service request change denied
13     Definitions of action types
14     ASN.1 production definitions
15     Negotiation of functional unit
       15.1     General
       15.2     Functional unit definition
                 15.2.1     Functional units for fault management
                 15.2.2     Functional units for configuration management
                 15.2.3     Accounting management
                 15.2.4     Performance management
                 15.2.5     Security management
                 15.2.6     Service supporting services
16     Conformance for the CNMc interface
Annex A – Index of defined information elements
        A.1     List of defined information elements
                  A.1.1     Object classes
                  A.1.2     Name binding for object classes
                  A.1.3     Definition of packages
                  A.1.4     Definition of attributes
                  A.1.5     Definition of notifications
                  A.1.6     Definition of parameters
                  A.1.7     Definitions of action types
        A.2     List of imported information elements
                  A.2.1     Imported object classes
                  A.2.2     Imported name binding
                  A.2.3     Imported packages
                  A.2.4     Imported notifications
                  A.2.5     Imported attributes
                  A.2.6     Imported actions
                  A.2.7     Imported parameters
Annex B – Example of invoice definition
Annex C – Definition of the CNM supporting services
        C.1     Detailed description
        C.2     Initiation of a service request
        C.3     Deletion of a service request
        C.4     Negotiation of a service request
        C.5     Retrieval of a service request
Annex D – Element of procedure for provision of CNM services
        D.1     Fault management
                  D.1.1     CNM alarm reporting service
                  D.1.2     Fault history service
                  D.1.3     CNM trouble report service
                  D.1.4     Loop setup service
                  D.1.5     Test host service
        D.2     Configuration management
                  D.2.1     CNM configuration inquiry service
                  D.2.2     CNM reconfiguration service
                  D.2.3     Systematic call redirection service
        D.3     CNM accounting service
                  D.3.1     Periodic billing service
                  D.3.2     Detailed accounting service
        D.4     Performance management
                  D.4.1     CNM traffic information service
        D.5     CNM security service
        D.6     CNM supporting services
Annex E – MCS proforma
        E.1     Introduction
                  E.1.1     Propose and structure
                  E.1.2     Instructions for completing the MCS proforma to produce an MCS
        E.2     Identification of the Implementation
                  E.2.1     Date of Statement
                  E.2.2     Identification of the implementation
                  E.2.3     Contact
        E.3     Identification of the document in which the management information is defined
                  E.3.1     Technical corrigenda implemented
                  E.3.2     Amendments implemented
        E.4     Management conformance summary
Annex F – MICS proforma
        F.1     Introduction
        F.2     Instructions
        F.3     Symbols, abbreviations and terms
        F.4     Statement of conformance to the management information
                  F.4.1     Notification
                  F.4.2     Create and delete management operations
Annex G – MOCS proforma
        G.1     Introduction
                  G.1.1     Symbols, abbreviations and terms
        G.2     Instructions for completing the MOCS proforma to produce a MOCS
        G.3     cnmX25Entity
                  G.3.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  G.3.2     Packages
                  G.3.3     Attributes
        G.4     x25TerminationPoint
                  G.4.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  G.4.2     Packages
                  G.4.3     Attributes
                  G.4.4     Notifications
                  G.4.5     Parameters
        G.5     pdnFaultLogRecord
                 G.5.1      Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  G.5.2     Packages
                  G.5.3     Attributes
        G.6     pdnTelecommunicationsTroubleReport
                  G.6.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  G.6.2     Packages
                  G.6.3     Attributes
                  G.6.4     Notifications
        G.7     pdnTroubleHistoryRecord
                  G.7.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  G.7.2     Packages
                  G.7.3     Attributes
        G.8     cnmLoopbackPoint
                  G.8.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  G.8.2     Packages
                  G.8.3     Attributes
                  G.8.4     Notifications
                  G.8.5     Parameters
        G.9     x25PhysicalConnection
                  G.9.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                  G.9.2     Packages
                  G.9.3     Attributes
                  G.9.4     Actions
                  G.9.5     Parameters
       G.10     cnmX25EntityTested
                 G.10.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.10.2     Packages
                 G.10.3     Attributes
                 G.10.4     Actions
                 G.10.5     Parameters
       G.11     x25ServiceProfile
                 G.11.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.11.2     Packages
                 G.11.3     Attributes
                 G.11.4     Notifications
       G.12     mlpProfile
                 G.12.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.12.2     Packages
                 G.12.3     Attributes
       G.13     slpProfile
                 G.13.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.13.2     Packages
                 G.13.3     Attributes
       G.14     x25PvcProfile
                 G.14.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.14.2     Packages
                 G.14.3     Attributes
                 G.14.4     Notifications
       G.15     cugProfile
                 G.15.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.15.2     Packages
                 G.15.3     Attributes
                 G.15.4     Notifications
       G.16     hgProfile
                 G.16.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.16.2     Packages
                 G.16.3     Attributes
                 G.16.4     Notifications
       G.17     cnmUser
                 G.17.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.17.2     Packages
                 G.17.3     Attributes
                 G.17.4     Notifications
       G.18     customer
                 G.18.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.18.2     Packages
                 G.18.3     Attributes
                 G.18.4     Notifications
       G.19     location
                 G.19.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.19.2     Packages
                 G.19.3     Attributes
                 G.19.4     Notifications
       G.20     redirectionList
                 G.20.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.20.2     Packages
                 G.20.3     Attributes
       G.21     cnmBillingController
                 G.21.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.21.2     Packages
                 G.21.3     Attributes
                 G.21.4     Notifications
       G.22     currentPacketTrafficData
                 G.22.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.22.2     Packages
                 G.22.3     Attributes
                 G.22.4     Notifications
                 G.22.5     Parameters
       G.23     historyPacketTrafficData
                 G.23.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.23.2     Packages
                 G.23.3     Attributes
                 G.23.4     Notifications
       G.24     mlpMonitoredPoint
                 G.24.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.24.2     Packages
                 G.24.3     Attributes
       G.25     currentMlpTrafficData
                 G.25.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.25.2     Packages
                 G.25.3     Attributes
                 G.25.4     Notifications
                 G.25.5     Parameters
       G.26     historyMlpTrafficData
                 G.26.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.26.2     Packages
                 G.26.3     Attributes
                 G.26.4     Notifications
       G.27     currentSlpTrafficData
                 G.27.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.27.2     Packages
                 G.27.3     Attributes
                 G.27.4     Notifications
                 G.27.5     Parameters
       G.28     historySlpTrafficData
                 G.28.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.28.2     Packages
                 G.28.3     Attributes
                 G.28.4     Notifications
       G.29     serviceRequest
                 G.29.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.29.2     Packages
                 G.29.3     Attributes
                 G.29.4     Notifications
       G.30     network
                 G.30.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.30.2     Packages
                 G.30.3     Attributes
       G.31     equipment
                 G.31.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.31.2     Packages
                 G.31.3     Attributes
                 G.31.4     Notifications
                 G.31.5     Parameters
       G.32     managedElement
                 G.32.1     Statement of conformance to the managed object class
                 G.32.2     Packages
                 G.32.3     Attributes
                 G.32.4     Notifications
                 G.32.5     Actions
Annex H – MRCS proforma for name binding
        H.1     Introduction
        H.2     Instructions for completing the MRCS proforma for name binding to produce a MRCS
        H.3     Symbols, abbreviations and terms
        H.4     Statement of conformance