1 Scope
2 References
2.1 Identical Recommendations | International Standards
2.2 Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
2.3 Additional references
3 Definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Conventions
6 Overview of Customer Network Management services
7 CNM services definitions
7.1 Fault Management
7.1.1 CNM Alarm Notification Service
7.1.2 CNM Fault History Service
7.1.3 CNM Trouble Report Service
7.1.4 CNM Loop Set-up Service
7.1.5 CNM Test Host Service
7.1.6 CNM Protocol Monitoring Service
7.2 Configuration Management
7.2.1 CNM Configuration Inquiry Service
7.2.2 CNM Reconfiguration Service
7.2.3 CNM Ordering Service
7.2.4 CNM Cancellation Service
7.2.5 CNM Systematic Call Redirection Service
7.2.6 CNM Inventory Inquiry Service
7.3 Accounting Management
7.3.1 CNM Periodic Billing Service
7.3.2 CNM Detailed Accounting Service
7.3.3 CNM Quota Control Service
7.3.4 CNM Real-time Charging Information Service
7.4 Performance Management
7.4.1 CNM Traffic Information Service
7.4.2 CNM Quality of Service Information Service
7.4.3 CNM Network Statistics Service
7.5 Security Management
7.5.1 CNM Password Change Service
7.5.2 CNM Access Rights Definition Service
7.6 CNM supporting services
7.6.1 CNM Service Request Service
8 Compliance with Recommendation X.161
Annex A Summary of CNM services
Annex B CNM Service sets
Annex C Typical sequences of CNM services
C.1 Introduction
C.2 Fault Management
C.2.1 CNM Alarm Notification
C.2.2 CNM Fault history
C.2.3 CNM Trouble Report
C.2.4 CNM Loop set-up
C.2.5 CNM Test host
C.2.6 CNM Protocol monitoring
C.3 Configuration Management
C.3.1 Configuration inquiry
C.3.2 Service Reconfiguration
C.3.3 Ordering Service
C.3.4 Inventory inquiry
C.3.5 Systematic call redirection
C.4 Accounting Services
C.4.1 Periodic billing
C.4.2 Detailed accounting
C.4.3 Quota control
C.4.4 Real-time charging information
C.5 Performance Management Service
C.5.1 Traffic information
C.5.2 Quality of Service information
C.6 Security Management
C.6.1 Password change
C.6.2 Access rights