1 Scope
2 References
2.1 Identical Recommendations | International Standards
2.2 Paired Recommendations | International Standards
2.3 Additional references
3 Definitions
3.1 Reference model definitions
3.2 Management framework definitions
3.3 Telecommunication Management Network definitions
3.4 Customer Network Management Service definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Conventions
6 Overview of the Customer Network Management Service
6.1 Relationship between the Architecture, the Services and the Management Information documents
6.2 Overview of CNM
7 CNM Architecture
7.1 Overview of the Functional Architecture
7.2 Physical Architecture
7.2.1 Protocol at the CNMC interface
7.2.2 Protocol at the CNME interface.
7.2.3 Example of a Physical Architecture
7.3 Relationship of CNM and TMN
7.4 Relationship between CNM and other Recommendations/Standards
7.5 Relationship to Systems Management
7.6 Relationship to Layer Management
7.7 Relationship to Message Handling Systems
7.8 Relationship to EDI
8 Conformance to CNM
8.1 Conformance to CNMC
8.2 Conformance to CNME
Annex A CNMC Interface
A.1 Use of CNMC Interface
A.2 OSI Systems Management model
Annex B CNME Interface
B.1 Use of CNME Interface
B.2 CNME Transfer format
B.3 Characteristics of Management systems
B.4 Scenarios for Management System and MHS interaction
B.4.1 Interaction Using P7 Protocol
B.4.2 Interaction Using P3 protocol
B.4.3 Interaction Using P1 protocol